Saturday, September 13, 2008

If ya wanna be my lover!?

I live in a town that imposes the idea on all of it’s inhabitants… “You do, thus you are.” If you were a certain way at one second in any part of your past, you must still be. It’s complete bullshit and yet totally my fault, at least in several ways pertaining to my case.

I stare at the computer sometimes and I totally want to type out what I am feeling but I forget what I need to say and how I planned on saying it. This is not normal for my writing and it’s actually becoming rather upsetting.

I am lonely and everyone I know insists on going out and getting trashed as a way to have fun. I am certainly never the type to turn down alcohol. Hehe. But damn bars are so fucking sad not to even mention fucking expensive and I am broke as FUCK. Send me money! No really. My epassporte account is Clubmix1996 just like the rest of my shit online.

So to remedy my loneliness I am proposing an online video contest to find a new BFF and Lover… or if I am so lucky, one person that fits into both of these roles. I made a video and posted it on youtube to advertise this contest but it screwed up and only half way recorded so I will need to rerecord the pitch and post it up again later today but here are the details:

To enter you must compose a video clip of yourself answering the following questions as well as adding anything that you think would forward your way into my heart (awe!) and post it on youtube or livevideo or any other free video site that you prefer and email me the link to the clip. Send entries to [email protected].
The cutoff date for entries will be September 21st.
You need to be comfortable with me sampling any of these videos or posting the entire video in my various blogs to be voted on.
Also you need to be comfortable with doing a video challenge weekly for up to 8 weeks in a row.
Winning a video challenge will gain you immunity in future challenges, get out of challenge free passes, and one on one cam time (or if you live near me you could gain real time with me). The cam time or real time get togethers will be recorded and posted as well.
Think of it like you are participating in an online reality dating show. You may enter as a Lover contestant or a BFF contestant of if you are really awesome you will enter as both. However if you want to compete for both you must be aware there will be weeks that you will have to complete 2 video challenges!

Here are the questions for your first video:

1. Do you think you have time to dedicate to me as my new BFF or Lover? How much are you willing to share with me?

2. What do you do for a living?

3. Your Hobbies?

4. Age? (You muct be over 18 to participate but there is no limit on how old you can be.)

5. What is your preferred sex? Are you male, female or something more fun? (I like it all. I don’t discriminate.)

6. Sexual orientation?

7. Are you willing to travel to my area? (I live in the Midwest. My actual real location will be revealed to my chosen contestants in confidence.)

8. Do you have a digi cam, camcorder, webcam or any other kind of cam that you can use to film the weekly video challenges?

9. Are you comfortable uploading these videos to public video sharing sites like youtube, livevideo, ect… for me to be able to embed or link to them in my blogs?

10. Why do you think you should win?

11. Are you interested in competing to be my BFF. Lover or both?

Email the links to your entry videos to [email protected] and let’s have some serious fun with this!

I have been concentrating more on creating shit lately which has been something that’s been a long time coming. I’m like bursting with creation jizz at the moment.
This of course means I need MATERIALS and SUPPLIES. I make a point to pick up cheap crap at thrift stores like old painting, wall hangings, children’s books, old magazines and lots of stuff along those lines so if you have anything like that to contribute I would GLADLY take those items off your hands. Other than that, if you are too far away from me to give up those goods and you still want to help... I have made an art supplies wishlist for myself. So get to buying!

So I had this idea inspired by very tragic recent events. I want you all who are reading this to email me pictures or short clips of loved ones that have passed. I want to make a short tribute video to those we love that are no longer walking around and breathing with the rest of us. This video will not be all that technical or well made. It will just be a tribute from my heart to my lost ones, your lost ones and those of you very strong folks out there surviving them. [email protected]

1. What should I be for Halloween? What are you going to be? I want to be Anorexia… There is a costume of this. Seriously. Google “costume” and “Anna Rexia”. I’m having a costume party and you’re most likely invited whether in real person or by cam
My costumes wishlist is here:
So you can actually send me what you want to see me party it up in!
2. Livejournal is my blog Platform of choice. Do you think using LJ is “cheap” thus lessening the impact of my writing being taken seriously?
3. Do you hate the word “artist” as much as I do? Do you feel stupid calling yourself and artist? What is an artist in your opinion. I mean in this world we have great innovative thinkers and creators then we have people like UH Amy Brown who is famous for drawing/painting fairies. Is that art when you get paid to license the images you make? Are you an artist if you continually do the same shit over and over? In your opinion are people like Amy Brown really artists?
4. I usually only ask like 3 questions but I really have to know, does anyone know anything about body painting? Would tempera paint be an acceptable medium to use?