Friday, December 5, 2008

Are you stalking me?

  • 04:31 Alrighty... I need to shower and then hose down my bitch gash and get ready to go to sleep since I have to get up so early tomorrow:( #
  • 21:02 Does anyone ever remember being in primary school and seeing a teacher totally abuse and destroy a fellow student in front of everyone? #
  • 21:06 @victoriaaaa I was just remembering this one teacher made my very shy friend get up and read in front of everyone and kept yelling LOUDER! #
  • 21:07 @tastytrixie I was kindof wondering if you had a potty cam. I thought it was illegal? But I bet lots of people would be into it, totally. #
  • 21:09 @violetblue How'd you learn the steps to "Single Ladies"!? I love that video, man! #
  • 21:10 @victoriaaaa Yeah I think the whole class was shocked, she made her do it bc when she was reading it wasn't very loud. #
  • 21:11 @victoriaaaa The girl bursted in tear and collapsed to the groud. The teacher just yelled at her to sit down in her chair. #
  • 21:13 @tastytrixie Cool! I'd be embarrassed though because I make funny poo faces. #
  • 02:09 Bettie Page had a heart attack tonight! She is not doing very well :( #
  • 03:01 @victoriaaaa Hahhahahahahaha@Klonopin making your life possible. I'm keen on that! #