Friday, January 23, 2009

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:36 I had an awesomely fun show tonight! I am going to set up the other spy cams now... So glad I found that cord! #
  • 03:48 Waaah! Steve won't take me to get a phrame for my new Heavy Meatal poster! #
  • 03:56 I am hungry for BRAINS! Or maybe just tacos... Lets head for the Bell on the border! #
  • 04:12 I am about to hook up the rest of my spy cams. This is such a huge relief! #
  • 04:13 Having the power cable to my other pc now means I can finally send the pics for my new site template to the designer tomorrow! Killing ... #
  • 04:14 @furrygirl OMG! What the hell store has all their clothes one size fits all!? I want to meet with you when I visit home in March! #
  • 04:50 Ha! There is a CK1 add in my new Elle. Whens the last time you saw one of those? #
  • 05:36 My rude cams are back up and the embed on the site will be back up tomorrow if not tonight! Yay, all 8 cams are back! #
  • 06:01 Gaining weight it lame. I just ripped a crotch slightly in my Tripp skinny jeans! #
  • 20:16 Man I just saw this hot ass mars volta looking character fumbling with some shit in his car on the walk home. I must masturbate... #
  • 20:23 I hate Live Journal Nazis! #
  • 21:05 @BlastCams Ha! I love me some of the Mars Volta. SEX. #
  • 21:06 @furrygirl I have been to a place in the U district that seriously only had like size one stuff. I was like um, Seattle women have curves... #
  • 21:07 *Decided I am going to The Phoenix Forums in April. Who want to hire me as a promo model and pay for my shit out there? Who do I know there? #
  • 23:51 Not to jump the gun but Steve might move in. Oh how you voyeurs will love that! #
  • 00:14 @kellylind Whoa! Youi shot for playboy! AWESOME! I soooo want to shoot with you one day, you are amazing sauce! #
  • 01:10 Doing my Friday night members show via seccamcentral NOW! Come and chill with the homie! #
  • 03:07 I'm about to get laid yo! #