Thursday, January 29, 2009

My birthday is coming!

So I just realized how close to my birthday we are! Usually I am all over this as this is the only holiday worth celebrating all fucking year! This year my birthday especially means a lot to me because I am finally coming to my own as a woman, a citizen, a business owner and finally gaining control over my “mental illness”. I have a TON of project in the works at the moment that I am working on, on a constant basis. I have TRIPLED my income since October and in being evicted last year this means a hell of a lot to me. Not only because I have taken the time and initiative to dive in head first into my industry learning the ins and outs but also because in the past I have been a very lazy flake of a girl. One of the things I am really fucking proud that I have accomplished this year so far is sticking to my responsibilities and basically doing what I say I will.

In making all of these things happen I feel extremely empowered and I have a new lust for accomplishment that I Haven’t seen in myself in a VERY long time! So now that I have convinced you of my worthiness of being spoiled on this awesome time in my life let’s talk about some of the gifts I am wanting! Many of the gifts I desire would actually benefit the donor in many ways OTHER than just because any benefactor that I have should be overjoyed to do ANYTHING for me. Ha. But also I am offering a very special 20 minute long birthday video to anyone who purchases an item/items that add up to being $100 or more BEFORE Shipping and Handling plus a month trial to my site. Anyone sending gifts that equate to $300 or more will receive the recording as well as a year pass to my site! And lastly to those of you that just want to send a little bit of love costing $99 or less I will reward you with a month trial to my site. This deal will only be valid until Feb. 17th!

1. An HD camcorder. Yes people I want to start offering my members of my site the absolute clearest view of any butt pimple I may or may not have! No really imagine the quality and clarity of seeing my awesomeness in my site videos and “film” projects! There are two VERY affordable HD cams (Only like 199 or something insane like that!) on the first page of this list!

2. Also I am adding MORE cams to my humble abode. Yes that’s right! I have 8 spy cams now that are on 24/7 and available through my site! But these do not at this time have sound. I have found a cam network that that has extremely high quality feeds and also features SOUND! This means I am in need of a few new webcams and usb extension cords which can also be found throughout this list as well.

These cams will be installed in my bathroom in the mirror (to compliment the shower cam already in place) and also I would like to have additional cams in my living room and bedroom that feature sound so my little spy can REALLY be a fly on the wall! Plus don’t you want to hear me have sex and telling my friends secrets and not just watch me/us, right?

3. Also in expanding my voyeur cam experiment I have realized that my little spies love seeing my in skimpy clothing. It’s true that my house is not a 24/7 madcap of sex and debauchery, (although sometimes it seems like it is) so in those OTHER daily moments while I am working on site promos, marketing, coding, design and other technical/business elements of my job I am sure you don’t want to stare at me sitting here in my Big Lebowski robe. This is why I have added a plethora of comfortable sexy sets and undies to this wish list to work, sleep, eat and even do yoga in! Some of the items on the list have no preview image so you have to click on them to see exactly what they are. I don’t have to go any further in discussing how this will benefit you guys, do I?

4. I am going be traveling a lot more going to conferences and shooting this year and it just doesn’t make sense to risk bringing one of my hub notebooks and risk dropping, losing or having it stolen to lose that huge power source and all the content it holds for my site; so I would really love to get a mini notebook to take on trips with me and out to other locations in my area. For this the specs don’t need to live up to the kind of juice that my business laptops need and thus makes this item very affordable! $300-400! The mini notebook I have my eyes set on is located on the first page of this list.

5. Lastly I am shooting a lot more pictorial content for my site as well as lots of DIY sets for Gods Girls, and I need a better digital camera than my basic snap shot piece of crap. So I talked to a few people that know a thing or too about professional cameras and I picked out a rather affordable option instead of a top of the line $2000 camera. It’s the technique, settings, lighting and approach that makes the difference in photography not crazy overpriced cameras that are pretty much just for show. I picked this Canon (found on the first page there). This will obviously benefit you folks because it will allow me to take more photo’s myself since I will have what I need at my disposable in my home and that will mean more sets of the sexy! And at better quality than I can take on my own with my shoot and click or webcam!

There are obviously other less expensive gifts on my various amazon wish lists which can be found at the left hand side on any of the lists I linked to above, and those gifts will be highly appreciated as well… I just thought I would make a top 5 things I need for myself and my business for this coming year. Take advantage of my offer now before it’s too late and wish me a happy birthday!