Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Resolutions!

1. My first is that I am going to travel more in '09.

2. I will eat less processed junk foods and dark meats and more veggies and fish. Sushi!

3. I will have my car fixed, licensed and insured by my birthday which is Feb. 17th of '09.

4. I am going to designate one day out of the week to clean my house from top to bottom and I will stick with this so I stay sane and healthy.

5. I will make more time for friends that are worth a damn and spend less time with those that bring me down.

6. I will do my damnedest to promote the good in people around me and talk less shit behind people's backs.

7. I will stick to completing my weekly business assignments that I have created for myself so I have less issues with money.

8. I will take advantage of performance opportunities and work to create new ones so I can be happy like I was when I danced on a regular basis

9. I will love myself by myself as long as I live. I don't need anyone in a romantic sense to be happy.

10. I will educate myself better on politics in general and become more active in standing up for sex worker's rights.

11. I will start a checking account and become responsible for myself financially. This means saving all receipts and filing my taxes!

12. I will figure out a system of camming that works. Perhaps camming all day one day/week? Camming all week one week/month?

13. I will write more privately and I will post at least one long hardy blog entry a week on my blogs all over the internet.

14. I will do yoga 3-5 times a week. Preferably 5, but I am cutting myself a little slack here because I know how I am.

15. I will do weekly shows on CamWhores in '09. The members there have helped me with so much this year and I need to give back!

16. I will make more business alliances. Like doing sex toy reviews for free toys and link trades! Want to trade links or something else?

17. I will consolidate my debt start paying on it and raise my horrible credit score.

(Ok I might be slightly talking out of my ass on that last one but seriously I want to start on it before June at LEAST.)