Sunday, January 18, 2009


I am awake and silent. There is someone that I think I may well know sleeping soundly behind me. My key board has a high pitched “click”. I always end up with noisy laptops like these.

I can’t sleep a wink and there is something very unpleasant that I have to do in the morning. I didn’t want to take pictures for you. On YOUR dime. That is something I generally do only on my time when the light hits a specific way. And I rise.

I was in Vegas all week making love and business contacts. What were you doing? I haven’t had the time I usually use to spend on this or that and of course that means I must get caught up. You aren’t making it very easy you know? I had my adderal stolen or perhaps I simply lost it. I insist however, that it was stolen.

Because of this I slept all day and can’t rest now. This may mean I will miss taking the very photo’s I have no intention of taking in the first place. But I want the opportunity to do and feel new things. So why do I retreat when the images become rough or unflattering? Because I lie in a basin of endless façade. I am a broken image now.

Are you breathing still? I can’t hear and I should worry. Instead I consider doing that old late night thing and cooking up a four course meal just to hate myself in the morning. Yeah that’s something I do.

My alarm is set for 2 and a half hours from now. Will I wake or will I shove off this horrible responsibility? I just don’t see why everything has to be such a damn obstacle. I have things to do that I am not doing and I am fretting over something I have no intentions of doing.