Sunday, March 15, 2009

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:57 @andysandimas Does he have a site? #
  • 03:57 The flu makes me feel super weird. Where is my hair serum? I needz it. #
  • 04:02 Next week I am going to get back to work like normal. Tonight I am going to talk to Steve about setting up my spy cams here asap. #
  • 04:12 I might be jumping the gun here by saying this, but I think everything is going to be fine. #
  • 04:20 Woah! This cold medicine just totally all of a sudden got me really effed up! I'm like trippin' yo! #
  • 07:54 This seriously scared the sam fuck bajeezes out of me: #
  • 10:15 Come holla at cha gal! #
  • 10:32 I smell like I have the flu. It is totally stanktastic. #
  • 10:39 I want a faggy little euro tramp boy that smokes a cigarette like he fucks a woman. #
  • 11:07 My vagina smells really fucking strange. #
  • 12:27 I am super hugry for some weird reason and craving meat. I am going to take my ass to bed instead of eating though. #