Saturday, March 14, 2009


I was looking at your face last night while you were scolding me and noticing how much it has changed since the first time I had seen it.

To tell you the truth I think you are ugly inside and it’s starting to show on the out. Maybe if you stopped telling lies to yourself and the people who care about you, you would see that any strife you encounter is no ones fault but your own.

Maybe you should sit back and think for a minute about the issues you need to tackle inside of yourself and quit pointing fingers at the people around you. Maybe you should consider these people you surround yourself and certainly stop painting the kettle black.

You are not creative, interesting, special or attractive. No, instead you are just a sad sad little girl searching for something that is already dead and gone but you just can’t seem to let go. Well one day you’re going to realize that all the time and energy you put into your quest was in vain. You’ll wake up and have nothing to show for all the years you let yourself dwell in your own stupid pain.

Loss does not allow you to think you deserve something more than the rest of the world. Everyone has experienced it in one way or another. Most people are just mentally stable enough or at least medicated enough to go on with their lives or at the very least; pretend that they have.

You need to sit back and take a long hard look at your face and see how it has changed because you can’t just keep riding on the “gifts” you have convinced other people to see in you because they will eventually see that facade. You are nothing, no one and you look exactly like all the losers around you and you are so fucking stupid to realize it.

Maybe you should do something about it.