Thursday, April 2, 2009


How can you be so wrong? I call you out for being a fucking idiot for using the word “nigger” and you tell me that I am a bitch for doing so? Who are you? Then you tell me that I am saying it’s ok for one race of people to use a disrespectful and fucking historically abominable term like that but not another? You get in my face saying this… Brad. But no I didn’t fucking say that because I don’t agree with either ignorant side. You get in my face and ask me if I am even black… Do I have to have a reason for calling you out for being completely ethically WRONG? But YES actually I AM black.
I fucking hate you goddamned idiot fucks. I try to help you by educating you on why what you are saying is just insensitive and incorrect that makes me a horrible bitch from hell. I actually ended up being a total bitch and calling his friends fat clones because they all dress like these fuck asses I knew when I was 16, when they were obsessed with being “hard core” and “straight edge” and wearing stupid fucking black t-shirts that are too small for their Midwest McDonalds eating asses.
But ACTUALLY I feel bad about being a stupid judgmental bitch and saying that bullshit. I know you guys are real people and didn’t deserve that especially because you weren’t originally involved in the situation but to come out and to scream that your fat asses hate Jews and NIGGERS then yeah I guess I should have walked away and totally just sucked it up. Yeah fucking right.
Who are you people? How can you possibly think that is acceptable… especially for your fat WHITE asses to say? Ok I am again sorry. I mean, why do you think it’s cool and acceptable to say bullshit like that? I guess I am at fault as well for being insensitive to your weight problem. I mean for god’s sake as if I don’t or have never had a weight problem…
I feel bad. I feel like you should feel. Like a really horrible, conscious ridden person. But you didn’t have to get in my face and point your finger and call me names for standing up (calmly I might add) for something that I truly believe in.
I hate society and I still DO NOT think you are a bad person… Like I said in that parking lot. Nor do I think your asshole friend is REALLY an asshole. He was just trying to make me angrier because he thought it was funny that I cared that using a word like that was morally “wrong”. But society told him it was funny and dramatic and an overreaction. I hope that one day you all realize that using such terms are hurtful and ignorant. I only stood up for what I thought because I thought I could help you or influence you. I didn’t deserve that side of your anger.
I won’t even get into the rest of what has upset me about this situation involving someone who I assumed was more enlightened than he really is. You’re showing your roots with this one STEVE.