Monday, November 9, 2009

Are you stalking me?

  • 07:14 I just got the Bump badge on #12seconds! - #
  • 07:17 I had two beers tonight and although I am aloud to have that amount I really hope they don't fuck up my blood test in anyway tomorrow! #
  • 08:53 Is there a way for Camtasia to produce a video w/o compressing the project like AT ALL? I couldn't find any production option that didn't. #
  • 09:49 The 2 videos updated on my shakinit page this week are now available at my clip store for individual purchase/download! #
  • 18:34 I did som ething dumb last night. I accidentally took a $100 bill to the bar with me & never even noticed until I saw my change later on! #
  • 19:34 I'm getting ready to go get my blood tested in a few... Wish me luck! #
  • 20:36 Whoo hoo! I got some great packages from my wishlist in the mail today! One item was a clit stimulator! That exciting to say the least... #
  • 22:31 My blood is REALLY THICK. I could have a stroke @ any min & I thought the beers would make it thinner! Means it was even THICKER last night! #
  • 01:07 Just took my 59th mugshot! #
  • 02:43 If everyone seems argumentative today, consider that your atti... More for Aquarius #
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