Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:05 I should be live in tonight's member's show on undressjess.com right now but why is not one in chat? Am I even showing up? #
  • 04:48 Seriously going out and having to run these stupid fucking errands always shoots my day to hell. I can never get anything fucking gone! #
  • 05:34 I found an adderal in my purse. I might take it... I need to get work done, and it IS worth risking my health. #
  • 05:54 Does "The Sims Online" still exist? If so, who wants to join it and play it with me? Any other game suggestions? #
  • 05:56 Awe:( It's dead! ping.fm/eYVCY I should have playe d it back in high school like everyone else, damn it! #
  • 07:05 I'm watching this movie "Anvil" with my buddy Bruce. So don't get mad if I don't respond to you! :) #
  • 08:58 The movie was pretty sweet but I have been so distracted that it has taken me 2 hrs to edit a 10 minute movie. I'm brilliant! #
  • 09:27 I restarted the pc and it didn't save a thing. I am going to totally have to re-edit the damn thing. I don't think I have it in me tonight:( #
  • 10:06 X-Mas is coming and you know what I want? I real deal IPOD! ping.fm/EA8gS I've never had one of those:( I'm behind the times:( #
  • 10:28 Let's get positive! Everyone go around the room and name one physical thing you like about yourself! I have AWESOME skin! Now you go ! :) #
  • 15:19 Your dreams can actually help to answer a lingering question t... More for Aquarius twittascope.com/twittascope/?sign=11 #
  • 17:12 I just woke up and god damn it's cold up in here! I'm making a vat of coffee to cure my woes! #
  • 17:41 I'm gonna eat some toast and drink some coffee while I stare at the boob tube and attempt to wake up... Wish me luck! #
  • 20:00 This pisses me off so bad. T his is the time I feel like I could start getting things done and of course I have to leave in a fucking minute. #
  • 22:02 I just drove around in a car with my crazy grandma for an hour looking for a doctor who's office was located right across the street... #
  • 22:04 When I finally arrived at the doctor's office he hit me on the knee, stuck me with a pin and asked me if I could read yet & charged me $250. #
  • 01:37 I am finally writing a blog entry but because of my stroke induced dyslexia I need some help with editing it before I post, can you help? #
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