Saturday, January 9, 2010

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:04 I am doing 1/2 priced shows here! And full service shows here! #
  • 03:06 I need to cum today so I want you to help me out by taking me private for a hot live cam show at #
  • 03:59 I am considering going out tonight but I am not sure. I used to go out by myself all the time but it feels like unladylike to do that now... #
  • 09:46 Sometimes I put myself in situations like you but I am not as strong. #
  • 11:30 Others demand a lot of you today and you might t hink they are ... More for Aquarius #
  • 11:45 Oh wow. I just vomited. Awesome. #
  • 12:24 I'm good now. Nighty ya'll! #
  • 21:49 My eyes-lips-face crap is here! I am on the floor playing with it all now! #
  • 22:50 Please vote for me in the Miss free Ones contest and I will love you LONG TIME! #
  • 00:23 The e.l.f. mineral foundation is WAY TOO DARK in it's palest color that they offer! It looks way orange on me and I am not even that pale! #
  • 00:54 I bet you I'm gonna fall in love with someone new this year! And when I do I am gonna force them to sniff my crack for fun every night. #
  • 01:35 Are they watching sports/having a party upstairs I wonder? Bitch next time I wanna be invited! Bailey I am gonna eat your face! #
  • 01:37 I'm gonna keep my on for the night. So you can watch me lay around and edit photos in a little while... #
  • 02:04 Watching 'moxietarte' on @justintv #
  • 02:04 lets see #moxietarte ~ Come watch and chat with me! #
  • 02:09 Hmm #moxietarte ~ Come watch and chat with me! #
  • 02:15 My butt cheeks hurt from sitting in this bar stool:( I should move to the couch I think... #
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Anonymous said...

Saw you on JTV,... can't chat there for some reason the chat box doesn't load... you had a nice Miriah Carey look going on... anywho, just want to say Hello...