Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I have the blahs.

I am being really stupid right now. I am being extremely negative and dwelling on a handful of bullshit situations that I cannot control. I really wish I could stop doing this because it's destroying my life. The more I concentrate on what is going wrong (or has WENT wrong) the more bad luck I acquire for myself.

I need to realize how lucky I have been this past year! I can't keep thinking about the inevitable shittyness of life (in general) and instead I need to know how much good I have accomplished in life (in general). Sometimes it's just easier to see the glass half empty I suppose.

I need to clean up my thinking and set some yearly goals tonight. I need to manage my time better and stop feeling bad for myself. I am going to start this RIGHT NOW.


MHAithaca said...

Just remember, you have one of the awesomest smiles on the planet.

niceperson said...

You always bring a smile to my face and can make me laugh out loud with the things you say and do. Thanks, and knowing that maybe it will make you smile and laugh out loud.

Anonymous said...

Niceperson is right about you.

And for me stopping "stinkin thinkin" is a struggle that repeats over and over again and always has. I find that exercise helps. Work helps if it's interesting or you like your co-workers.
Spring cures it...for as long as spring lasts.

shart5tain said...

ya, keeping your mind on positive things is essentially a habit and takes practice and becomes easier the more you do it. I think youre very intelligent, beautiful, have a great personality and a little eccentric, which also makes you a very interesting person. Self loathing, regret and guilt is just wasted energy and will prevent you from being where you want to be. To focus on being positive is also my new years resolution, along with gratitude for the good things in my life and to also try to improve my self-esteem, which has been really low.

Empressive Lover said...

I do the same thing with the negative thinking. But you know that since the negative thinking brings you more negativity, positive thinking will bring you more positivity.

I follow a Law Of Attraction community on Twitter b/c I'll see its motivational tweets from time to time.

Also, I'll sit down and do whatever-writing affirmations over and over, repeating mantras, going to a mirror & smiling (happy chemicals come out of the brain in response to smiling, and seeing a smile reinforces the happy chemicals). Then *any* good thing that happens, I'll just exaggerate how great it is. "OMG, I'm doing *laundry*!!! In 2 hours, I will have three times as many clean clothes. Hooray!" It gets goofy and silly, but that's the point.