Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:05 Come and join me in Free Chat and hang out with me! You can even get a show! ping.fm/xHMn2 #
  • 03:07 Q: What's your Favorite song? A: Hmm I don't have a favorite song cause I love just soooo many and it cha www.society.me/q/15077/view #
  • 03:07 Q: Have you ever shot a man in Reno just to watch him die? A: Yeah, a few times. :) I love me some Cash www.society.me/q/15078/view #
  • 03:08 Q: What is the worst crime you have witnessed??? A: Now you know I can't answer that! www.society.me/q/15079/view #
  • 03:08 Q:How about clown porn? Ever going to do tha... A:That also sounds funny and yeah I would to... formspring.me/UndressJess/q/250456151 #
  • 03:09 Q:You've gone MAINSTREAM! What would be the ... A:Haha! You have to pick only one and I'll ... formspring.me/UndressJess/q/250459505 #
  • 03:22 Q: What is your favorite Beatles song??? A: Yer Blues. www.society.me/q/15086/view #
  • 03:24 I'm doing private shows for the next 40 minutes so come and see me! You can also just chill and chat! :) ping.fm/xHMn2 #
  • 03:38 Shit! I forgot I also had my member's show double booked on rude.com and now my account is locked cause I missed it! :( #
  • 04:52 OMG! I can't wait to see the Hannah Montana season finale! I'm so stoked! #
  • 05:17 I fucking LOVE America's Best Dance Crew! Who else is watching this? #
  • 06:49 I'm watching guys jack off on chatroulette.com! Oh what run! #
  • 07:39 I just saw the hottest 2 girls on chat roulette EVER. they had guys playing with their boobs and even lived close! I wish I had a car. #
  • 08:02 Why do models jump from webmaster to webmaster and create new sites over & over that never work out instead of just doing them themselves? #
  • 08:48 I love Cold Case! This one is about the guy that buries 17 year old boys alive. Like that movie "The Vanishing" kind of. #
  • 09:29 I really hope they let me stop taking the blood thinners this month. Around the 20th it'll be the 6 month mark since my stroke! #
  • 09:32 When they let me go off the blood thinners they will let me go back on Adderal! Why don't they let me take it now, does it thicken blood? #
  • 10:13 I'm reading a little book that my grandma gave me called "Life's Little Instruction Book". It's cute! ping.fm/vbcNe #
  • 11:43 It's time for bed and snuggles with my dog Jeb! :) Nighty homies and thanks again for voting this weekend in my contest! #
  • 11:45 Q:That is SO a cop out Jess. You mean you ca... A:Ha I'm saying I only wanna do one at a tim... formspring.me/UndressJess/q/251728034 #
  • 22:37 I just got home from my therapist appointment and going to the food co-op. I got new organic coffee! Yay! #
  • 23:05 LKFAJ: The original reason I started getting cats is because I'm terrified of ghosts and I thought they would keep them away! #
  • 23:10 I bought Saki Tsunami a new wig for her performance at Bullocks on the 13th! Are you going? #
  • 23:17 I'm on a search for musicians that would allow me to use their music in my sexy videos & cross promote! Email me please! [email protected] #
  • 23:48 Yay! Lindy can drive now guys and is gonna go to The Peep later! I'm gonna try to go too... Maybe... #
  • 23:57 I got a bunch of new hair vitamins and supplements off of my wishlist today! You can get me something similar here: ping.fm/6iNAY #
  • 23:59 Q: what is your favorite book??? A: Live Through This! bit.ly/cVa7OQ www.society.me/q/15439/view #
  • 00:01 Q:If you could have one celebrity as a "gues... A:Megan Fox and do I really have to explain ... formspring.me/UndressJess/q/254475760 #
  • 00:03 Q:What's on your playlist for when you get i... A:Ha nothing because I'm too busy working my... formspring.me/UndressJess/q/254485508 #
  • 01:46 Playing Adult Swim : Games - Pole Dance Hero: games.adultswim.com/pole-dance-hero-twitchy-online-game.html #
  • 02:59 What day is Saint Patrick's Day? #
  • 03:02 Q:Any chance of seeing you get titty fucked ... A:Hmmm, maybe? We are doing another couples... formspring.me/UndressJess/q/255834664 #
  • 03:02 Q:Are you Dr. Rockso the rock and roll clown? And if so do you do cocaine?... A:Haha if only... formspring.me/UndressJess/q/255838522 #
  • 03:02 Q:IU or Purdue? A:Um... No? formspring.me/UndressJess/q/255840711 < a href="http://twitter.com/undressjess/statuses/9905864252">#
  • 03:03 Q:what is your favorite desert??? A:Cheesecake! :) formspring.me/UndressJess/q/255842689 #
  • 03:03 Q:Are you aware that you look an awfully lot like Mandy Moore?... A:Haha! No I don't dude. formspring.me/UndressJess/q/255845215 #
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