Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:03 I'm doing some shows tonight for the next hour! Yay! ping.fm/8a39q #
  • 03:32 I'm so white I fuck up my webcam's white balance... Come look! ping.fm/JzAvu ;) #
  • 04:11 OMG! I just randomly found my fucking drivers license. Dude, it's been lost since New Years Eve. I almost want to get drunk to celebrate. #
  • 04:54 A friend called me and invited me to a effing house party. When is the last time that has happened? It's a awesome night! I LOVE MY LIFE. #
  • 08:49 You may be all over the map, distracted by one thing after ano... More for Aquari us twittascope.com/twittascope/?sign=11 #
  • 10:53 Yay! The Mighty Boosh! #
  • 10:59 Q:have u ever tasted ur own pussy? if yes, h... A:Yes of course. Who hasn't? It tastes lik... formspring.me/UndressJess/q/314322513 #
  • 11:17 Q:Have you ever made/taken a phone call during sex, or phoned someone... A:Yes! Both actually! formspring.me/UndressJess/q/314342015 #
  • 11:18 Q:i LEFT MY E-MAIL STARTS WITH WITH l AND EN... A:Sorry I don't call people I meet online. ... formspring.me/UndressJess/q/314342621 #
  • 11:18 Q:i dont want a private show. i just want to be inside you. do i have a... A:No. Probably not. formspring.me/UndressJess/q/314343020 #
  • 11:19 Q:do you agree that you've become a robot that cant establish fr... A:No actually. Not at all. formspring.me/UndressJess/q/314343492 #
  • 11:20 Q:Guiltiest pleasures? A:Bel Biv Devoe. Prince. Korn. Merilyn Manson. And other shitty as... formspring.me/UndressJess/q/314345147 #
  • 11:21 Q:I hear you set up spy cams, is that someth... A:Yes! I usually have 18-20 spy cams up all... formspring.me/UndressJess/q/314346301 #
  • 11:29 I want to have sex with Vince Noir. Is that normal? #
  • 11:50 I'm full of noodles and ham with a side of magical Chinese left-overs! Time for bed! I have to see my therapist in the morning... #
  • 13:35 I can't sleep for shit. I even took a melatonin pill and it did NOTHING! I have an appointment at fucking 1pm. This sucks! #
  • 14:19 I love getting up early because all the crazy creepy cam "Johns" are up and roaring for underage pussy! ping.fm/8ZMnj #
  • 15:12 Check out my shelves on Goodreads: bit.ly/b9EKs2 #
  • 15:49 Oh sweet! The stuff I needed to put up my new spy cam is here via my wish list! 2 USB extension cords, a USB hub, and another gorillapod! #
  • 15:55 I just read the Lady Gaga article in the latest issue of Cosmo. She eats sushi without rice... Is that even possible? #
  • 16:10 "I want your UGLY! I want your DISEASE!" Um, guess what I'm listening to? Haha! #
  • 16:45 Look at th ese two awesome water proof toys I found and put on my wish list for my sexy bath time shows! ping.fm/hK2lP #
  • 16:54 WTF. I need yet another wire for this fucking USB hub. Awesome. #
  • 17:30 Ok so I figured out away around needing the extra wire but still it was pointless cause this cam won't even even work with vista. Cool. #
  • 17:34 I'm gonna need a new web cam for the bedroom. :( The old one sucked anyway. ping.fm/Yrrjc #
  • 21:10 I am so pissed off right now I could bite through a fucking bullet. #
  • 21:23 Q:"Have you ever made/taken a phone call dur... A:Ha no not really. It's honestly happened ... formspring.me/UndressJess/q/316018808 #
  • 21:43 My heart keeps skipping beats. It's been doing this since I was 17 but only during very stressful periods in my life. I should lie down... #
  • 21:49 So I don't really understand the time changes and shit so I really hope my camz show is at 7pm CST like it should be tonight. I'm confused! #
  • 22:01 We had Hitler round here last night. . . . . I did a shit on him. #
  • 22:12 I returned the "suck" hair color and exchanged it for some "rule" hair color. I will be dying my lady locks later on tonight! #
  • 02:09 I just woke up and my eyes are mega itchy like allergy eyes from hell... #
  • 02:29 I'm in an extremely foul mood and I am ready to cut someone at the drop of a hat. Proceed with caution! #
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