Sunday, June 20, 2010

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:30 Daft Punk is playing at Paul's house... At Paul's house! #
  • 07:24 You may be feeling that healthy competition is more important ... More for Aquarius #
  • 21:25 I don't know when the last time was that I had as much fun as I did last night. HOUSE PARTY! #
  • 21:34 Really? #
  • 21:59 Q:If I buy a show will you squeal for me piggy? And shake that bacon filled whore ass? A:I don't eat bacon, silly! #
  • 21:59 Q:Why you big ugly fat fuck now? Porky porky A:Just to upset you. #
  • 22:01 Q:Hotter? Looking like roseanne barr's teletubbie baby is hot? What camwhore through the look... A:Roseanne is my hero. #
  • 22:27 Q:What kind of ANONYMOUS person would take the time to s... A:The kind of person that suck at life and can't get lai... #
  • 22:30 OMG, this soup is awesome! I kind of want Chinese though. I get my appetite back when I'm off the Adderal. #
  • 22:33 Q:Roseanne is my he ro as well, and you're gorgeous. A:She's so cool! I love everything about her. And thank you! :... #
  • 23:00 Q:does brazzers/pornhub/ tube8/ all buy vidoes??? coz u ... A:Do they buy videos? No. Brazzers makes videos and po... #
  • 23:06 Q:hmmm i think the guy who was just being a dick, was th... A:I have many haters. They probably have an "I hate Jes... #
  • 00:29 I just put in my delivery sushi Order for Zuki! Yay! #
  • 00:32 Q:if i had a bag of apples in each arm would ya ever kick me in the junk j ust to have a laugh... A:It's quite possible. #
  • 00:34 Q:Why would Brazzers pay for making videos?? when u can ... A:Without companies to make the porn the illegal tube si... #
  • 01:13 I'm gonna eat this sushi, watch a movie, walk the dog, take a bath and snuggle my ninja. All in a days work! #
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