Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:08 I'm doing private shows for the next hour! Come on down and get one! ping.fm/nIK9C #
  • 03:41 Um, yeah. Never mind being nice. #
  • 04:21 I need to hide from my own fucking apartment. WTF is this? Gah! I'm going to Newburgh to Hootie Hoots. #
  • 04:27 I only date people that somehow and in some way remind me of Him. Is that wrong? #
  • 06:53 Why do I have to be so drunk to make what I would consider "love"? #
  • 07:26 There is a peculiar blending between knowing what you want and... Mor e for Aquarius twittascope.com/?sign=11 #
  • 07:47 OMG, like WTF? OMG, like seriously? Um, I'm a stupid bar whore... Like, uh I'm retarded. #
  • 15:51 Don't call me today. I lost my phone last night either at Hootie Hoots or Paul's house. I'll find it later... #
  • 15:56 I need one of these: ping.fm/6g4EC #
  • 17:03 I can't live without snuggles. #
  • 17:45 My middle name is freaky... ping.fm/oMJf2 #< /a>
  • 18:13 Q:Get any ass last night? A:Fuck yeah I did. 4ms.me/dtyAVL #
  • 18:14 Q:Seriously though, quit bullshitting. Whats to biggest... A:Ha! Why do you think I'm lying? Ask any other girl t... 4ms.me/cJLtPZ #
  • 18:14 Q:Please help me!!! I already went to the ambulance and hospital... A:I dunno how to help you homie. Physical therapy? 4ms.me/bwL9yP #
  • 18:15 Q:Are you gonna have sex with another hot chick soon? Maybe live in chat? That wo... A:I sure hope so. Any volunteers? 4ms.me/djSPTu #
  • 18: 15 Q:ur totally a decent girl , i mean it's cool that u ans... A:I have skype but I seriously never use it. I'm Undres... 4ms.me/9iDx59 #
  • 18:16 Q:Sorry i asked you'll recover from the horrible image r... A:Ha! It's not a horrible image. it's just a little sc... 4ms.me/chV3pn #
  • 18:48 Time to go to my therapist and tell her all of my little secrets. Be jealous. #
  • 18:58 Q:Have you every had any regrets about any past sexual p... A:Not really. Any one night stand things I may have had... 4ms.me/cbkouJ #
  • 20:36 I just told a woman that he r hijab is beautiful at the doctors office. Was that rude? #
  • 20:49 Everything is really aggravating me today. #
  • 21:22 I am freaking out because I don't have my phone to be able to call someone to get a ride to band practice... Not to mention I am cramming to #
  • 22:24 Q:what was the funniest act of sex u ever had ?)) A:I've fallen over quite a few times. Especially if I am having s... 4ms.me/cULgj0 #
  • 22:24 Q:do u think anal can bring pleasure ?) A:Fuck yeah it can. 4ms.me/9RpEr9 #
  • 22:24 Q:hmm u ever worked for bangbros ?)) A:No and I would never. 4ms.me/9k97mw #
  • 23:09 I'm stressing the fuck out about getting to practice. I have no idea how to contact anyone to get a ride and we REALLY need this practice! #
  • 23:14 Well I don't know what to do. I don't practice telepathy so hopefully one of them got my messages on facebook and know to just come get me. #
  • 23:27 Barb saved my life! ;) I'm off to practice bitches! Be ready for The Gorilla Monsoon performing this Saturday at Bullock's! Yay! #
  • 02:07 I don't think I deserve someone to be this nice to me. #
  • 02:11 Band practice went pretty awesome. Only up from here! Come see us at Bullock's on THIS Saturday night at like 10ish! #
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