Thursday, July 15, 2010

Are you stalking me?

  • 05:17 Doggie or reverse cowgirl? What's your pick between these 2? — Doggie. #
  • 05:17 Okay I'm gonna just say u sexi and thicka than a snicker. And I d… — Um, I don't know what to say about this. No? #
  • 05:18 would you allow your bf to give you a birthday spanking? — Sure. #
  • 05:18 Do you love the rain? — YES! #
  • 05:19 If you could have more then one Bf wiuld and how many would you have? — One. #
  • 05:19 If someone could take you anywhere in the world, where would you want to be whisked away to? — New Orleans. #
  • 07:23 There may be unspoken emotional issues that are complicating y... More for Aquarius #
  • 15:55 I love spicy soup in the mornings! I have a secret surprise for someone a little later... Hehe. #
  • 16:05 I'm looking for some pretty cool Fever Ray remixes for my good little man friend. I think I found them on Soulseek... #
  • 17:31 Nap time. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind while bedazzling stripper attire. Practice/choreography with Dawn? Spy cam maintenance. #
  • 17:43 why do you have such a cute ass? — Cause I get it from my momma. #
  • 17:43 Do you have a stripper pole in your home? If not, why … — I wish I did but there isn't enough room for one in he… #
  • 17:44 lost ya my fault. Ballpark are the hotdogs that get b… — I do! But most boys are too lazy for all of that. I … #
  • 1 7:58 would you mind if your bf did that in puplic?… — I don't click links on formspring. #
  • 23:44 Do you finger your ass when you masturbate? — Ha! I have but not on a regular basis. #
  • 23:48 Do you moan loud when u reach your orgasm? — I have no idea. I can't remember that stuff honestly. #
  • 23:53 The heat and the lower dose of adderal I took this morning caused me to sleep too long during my "nap time" today. I'm fucked. #< /li>
  • 02:13 Scarlet/Dawn and I just somehow choreographer an entire 4 minute duet for the burlesque show on Saturday at Bullock's. Now to memorize... #
  • 02:15 The good thing about living and lusting in a small town is that there's always enough time to acquire your prey. I stalk. #
  • 02:27 Someone please come & paint on my face for me please. I'm personally too "over it" to give a shit right now plus it's hot as fuck in here. #
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