Thursday, September 23, 2010

You Guys Really Care!!! :)

I have some really great news!!!! With your help we all raised right at $1300! I only need $300 more to pay off the bill (provided that the surgery goes as planned and there are no surprises to raise the fees)!

They decided go ahead & start the surgery today at 3pm! They are cutting my poor baby open as I speak. I'm so terrified for his well being.

You can still donate to help cover the rest of the bill which may go up depending on how long he is in surgery by sending a paypal donation for Jebidiah here: [email protected]

Thank you guys so much! You have renewed my faith in man kind. It's so amazing to have fans that would do this for me, you are the world to me and I will never forget this!

Please send Jeb good vibes so that everything goes as planned! I just hope we weren't too late.

I will write a proper blog about this whole damned experience (after I get some rest. I've been up with Jeb for almost 3 days straight) and talk about all the hate directed toward me in posts, comments and emails throughout this whole thing insulting me and my livelihood or offering me bribes to give me the money in exchange for prostitution services.

Obviously these bitch ass losers that tried to be bring me down were the minority and were mostly disgruntled strippers and mouth breather male Johns. Tisk, tisk. Karma will have it's revenge on them.