Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Here Is The Lelo Gigi Review!

I’m so happy to announce that Their Toys sent me the Gigi by Lelo to review for you guys!

Well first off the Gigi by Lelo is a g-spot sex toy that is curved to better hit your g-spot. It’s made out of high-quality silicone and the base is also made out of body safe PC-ABS plastic. It’s nice to know that they put that much thought into even the base of the toy which probably won’t even be inserted into your sensitive area. That’s classy.

It’s 6.5"L x 1.38"W x 1.3"H in size so it’s nice and compact which allows you to be more discreet with it, if that’s a concern. Plus I personally prefer toys around this size which some may consider “medium size” but I would imagine they are pretty small compared to most other monster dongs I’ve seen.

I also have to mention that the packaging was drop dead gorgeous and actually reminded me of the packaging the macbook came in… The toy itself is beautiful and features a smart/minimal design with a stunningly soft and smooth silicone texture. There is also a flat dip that they purposely added for you to explore your deepest areas and assumingly your g-spot.

It however DIDN’T give me the g-spot orgasm I had hoped for but only one “so-called” g-spot toy has given me an intense g-spot orgasm along with actual intercourse, of course. But I did cum using this vibrator and it was a pretty much amazing experience… The multiple modes of vibrations were so consistent and pure (a sure sign of quality) and the motor was so quiet and not a bother in the least so I could really get into my inner fantasies without being disturbed.

What’s so great about rechargeable vibrators is the fact you don’t have to run around hunting for batteries and you don’t have to go out to buy batteries on a regular basis for them either. You just plug it in and in a few hours you are ready to go and the charge really lasts! It comes with a nice silky bag to store it in so it doesn’t get dirty, dusty or melt into your other silicone toys if you store them all together in close proximity. The charger also comes with it of course.

The Gigi by Lelo comes in 3 different colors and runs for $99.99. It’s a higher end sex toy and of course you can expect the price to reflect that but it’s totally worth it. It’s made of body safe materials, looks extremely aesthetically pleasing to the eye, it out performs most other vibrators on the market and it won’t drive you crazy and have you running around trying to find batteries at all times of the day and night! It has definitely become a favorite of mine and I can highly suggest it without any reservations!!!

Please enjoy my video review and let me know what you think!