Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sexy Local Ladies & Women Who Wanna Feel HOT! Read Plz!

I'm ordering my pro camera next week! I'll take pics of any ladies for FREE and edit a few pics for free as well for you to post where ever! These will just be for practice and to build up a portfolio! After the few edits I do for my port and for you to use where ever I'll edit anything else in the set we take for $3 a photo.

I'll also be taking pics of local hotties for my site as well! I will pay cash for these sets and the whole thing (20-35 pics) will be edited and you can have them to post where ever within reason of course. Like basically I'm not going to pay you for a set and then let you post the whole thing on facebook for free.

You will not leave without having been paid. I'm a model too and I will respect you, your time and limits. For example if you want to shoot topless or nude shots for me and my site but don't want those pics posted online for FREE as a promotion for (so basically only members will have access to your nudey bits) but you're okay with me posting the sexy clothed pics as previews I will have a place for you to write in any edits or stipulations in my model release. I will pay $50 for sexy lingerie style pics which may or may not include topless shots. That's totally up to you! I'll be paying $75 for the same deal with full nude pics! Let me know if you are interested!

Also if you are posing for any photos that I am doing for FREE and they turn out to be mega hot and I want to post them in my member's area I will make you a paid offer. Please don't be offended by this and do NOT be afraid to say no. Like I said I will respect ALL of my models and their wishes!

This offer is for females only at this time and not all will be eligible for payment. I'll let you know privately if that is something I am interested in for my site if you fit my niche and would be a good fit.


AmbientMagic said...

i'm totally intrested but i am pretty sure that you live on other side of the country lol

Unknown said...

hi jessa i like your web site alot i just got into the web girl biz im 23 but everybody says i look 16 i guess thats a good thing lol.i like to talk to you about this project how can i send you pics of me so you can see if i got potential? stephanie

UndressJess said...

Hey Steph are you local to me though? You can email pics to [email protected] :)