Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This Is The Vid I'm Talking About In The Post Underneath!

I REALLY want to know your opinions on this so please comment! It's kind of like a poll in the form of essay questions of something... Haha JUST DO IT! Thank you guys. ;)


L_Mann69 said...

For I like the way you do your Videos because of how Great they look, you edit so well which show just how good you are it. Plus I Love when you add a little Magic(Wink).

Anonymous said...

This video is on point! Finally u r actually getting into the song n shaking that fat booty! Jus look at virgo...she doesnt edit as much but shes fucking notoriously known for her giant sized ass. y? Cuz she just turns on the camera and shakes her ass nonstop! Not sayin u have to do this cuz u mite have a different style...but I think most guys will take a girl thats twerking hard over a girl that edits hard any day! thumbs up on this video!

Unknown said...

I'm kinda on the fence as far as which direction you should take. I personally enjoy your high quality production videos, because you take such a personal approach to them. You are always making eye contact with the camera, and are having fun with the video. I enjoy the personality of the video as it comes out in the final form. It makes you larger than life like a movie star.

But that being said, the amateur approach tickles another fancy that some of us seek in raw form. It helps to make you real, in a way that the high production videos do not. I enjoy your video blogs and your spy camera, as it allows us a candid view of your personality and lets the viewer identify with you that much more.

I understand that rendering your high quality videos is time consuming and your concerns for making amateur videos are indeed valid. Without some sort of studio to allow you the privacy of a candid amateur video, I agree that the interruptions can be distracting to the viewer. I enjoy videos that help immerse the viewer into your personality just as much as I enjoy the person that you are in the high quality videos.

Rita Hayworth is famously quoted, "Every man I knew went to bed with Gilda... and woke up with me." Your current direction dispels any of illusion that is the result of only your high quality films. To each their own i guess.