Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ladies, holla for me if you love some SILICONE G-SPOT RABBIT VIBES!

Hey guys! I was asked by Eden Fantasys to do 2 sex toy reviews for them and here they are! Have a read through on the key points (of how they work) and my opinions of each toy! I also have videos I’ve made reviewing each of them and demonstrating how they work!

First I’m going to talk about is ”The Flutter” from the L’Amour Premium Silicone Massagers collection by California Exotic Novelties! It’s affordable at it’s normal price of $69.99 which is a decent price for a toy made of %100 food grade silicone AND it phthalates free! BUT RIGHT NOW IT’S ON SALE FOR $48.99!!!! That’s a steal! It’s also hypo-allergenic, CUTE and relatively easy to clean. I say “relatively” because the nubbies on the shaft of the toy do tend to collect lube and soap if not rinsed thoroughly when done using/washing.

There are 7 levels/modes of clitoral stimulation coming through the “antenna” of the super attractive little butterfly located in the traditional ”rabbit” area of a rabbit styled vibrator. I demonstrate and explain these modes in my video review below!

I didn’t have much luck with ”butterfly” design due to the antenna being so long and spread apart that they didn’t seem to hit the area that I needed them to. But with some guidance from my other hand the vibrations DID feel incredibly strong but for me that’s a little too much work to have to thrust the toy with one hand and then guide the ”rabbit” with my other hand. However everyone’s body is different and for those who have a clitoris that is extremely sensitive and PREFER stimulation around their clitoris rather than directly ON it this could work amazingly for you!!!

The toy takes 3 triple A batteries and has a pretty neat light up function which doesn’t really add to how it pleasures a girl but sure is fun to see for a girl like me that uses these toys in different types of sexual media because it’s just cool and attractive to see!

”The Flutter” SAYS that it’s waterproof but because of the way the battery compartment closes it’s not a toy I would trust underwater but I would definitely say that it’s for sure “splash worthy” if you’re a gal who either get’s extremely wet or squirts. I would even go as far as using this toy in the shower I just would never submerge it into water, myself. It’s up to you if you would like to try that though!

The insertable length of ”The Flutter” is 5 inches. It comes in a super cute pastel purple and it has a medium to thin thickness for it’s shaft at 1 1/4” in diameter and as you know that’s usually what I go for size wise. But even size queens will be pleased with the nubby texture and rotating tip that I exhibit in my video below!

An "UndressJess" Sex Toy Reveiw of the L’Amour... by UndressJess

I DID get off with this toy EVENTUALLY but I really wanted the ”rabbit” to work better for me and because it failed in that arena I’m only giving it a 3 or of 5 on the Jessa Flux toy scale. Why 3? Because it still is made of great and SAFE materials and that’s what I am most concerned with when I’m considering ANY sex toy and YOU should too especially if they are something you’re going to be using as much as I do!

If this SAFE %100 silicone toy is what you can afford within your budget then it’s defiantly something I would recommend but if you can afford to invest a little more than PLEASE check out this next toy I’m reviewing for Eden Fantasys!!!! It’s my favorite toy right now! :)

It’s the AMAZING Jopen Vanity Vr7! A g-spot and clitoral vibrator!!!! I LOVE this toy, have I mentioned that already? HA! Okay let’s get down to the facts…

This toy IS on the higher end as far as pricing does but it’s also on the HIGHEST end of quality from any sex toy I’ve experienced. It costs $178.99 and you WON’T be disappointed with what you’ll receive for taking the plunge and investing in this toy. Why? Okay I’ll tell you why! First it’s rechargeable which makes this toy green and comforting that you won’t ever have to scrounge for batteries. That’s HUGE plus in my book! Also this toy like ”The Flutter” is %100 food grade silicone but it’s texture is far from comparable to my previous review in a AMAZING way. It feels velvety to the touch and is nearly seamless. The Jopen Vanity Vr7 has much softer than the silicone on ”The Flutter” and it’s definitely something that’s noticeable when it’s in use as well because it’s much more like actual skin.

The noise from it’s vibration is slightly louder then “The Flutter” but the intensity of the dual motors in our The Jopen Vanity Vr7 here is something that I’ll have a problem ever finding a match for. This toy is also phthalates free and hypoallergenic and is EXTREMELY easy to clean.

Other features include a super strong rotating tip for your g-spot and a spot on ”rabbit” that’s more than likely the strongest rabbit style vibe you’ve ever experienced. The shape of the shaft is also very comfortable and is ergonomically made specifically for the inner curves of a woman. It has an insertable length of 5” and arrives at your door is BEAUTIFUL packaging that I enjoy so much that I keep for storage. The box also contains a bag to store your toy in made of a soft high quality material.

Another thing that I personally noticed is that it’s holds it’s charge well so you can get several uses out of it between charging sessions. I should;t have to mention it but they make this extremely clear in the directions for the toy so I’ll just say never use a toy while it’s charging. Just because it turns on does not mean you should be using it when it’s plugged into a power source, silly! ;) Check out my video review of the The Jopen Vanity Vr7 above and I’ll demonstrate all of these key points and MORE! ;) This toy get’s a 5 out of 5 on the Jessa Flux toy scale! Honestly I can’t wait to use it again. That’s saying something…