Thursday, December 1, 2011

Oh Honey! You Gotta Check Out The BULLET BUNNY! ;)

I’m going another review on a sex toy for my homies at Eden Fantasys and it’s definitely one that might be good for you gals trying out your first insertable sex toy due to its non-intimidating look and size and for sure this toy can be of use to anyone like me (solo porn models, cam girls or peep show hosts) who uses sex toys in their work… However for a more experienced or “spoiled” user of rabbit vibrators or a “size queen” this toy may be lacking for you… Let me explain! ;)

So the sex toy I’m reviewing today is the Bullet Bunny by Rocks Off Ltd. It’s a dual stimulating rabbit style vibrator that offers a variety uses from just this one product! And at only $37.99 with BATTERIES INCLUDED I think you’ll agree that you get more than your money’s worth! I however received this product free of charge by Eden Fantasys in exchange for a REAL and unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines!

For starters the Bullet Bunny is basically a pink and powerful RO-120mm bullet made of smooth hard plastic that has 3 vibration speeds (low, medium and high) and 2 vibration patterns along with a rib tipped bullet sleeve made of a new material called ”Intramed” which is a specifically formulated thermoplastic that’s latex free, non-porous, odorless, phthalate free and COMPLETELY RECYCLEABLE! Imagine THAT! ;) So for you eco-nerds out there this sex toy is going to be up your alleys! This new material is exclusive to Rocks Off Ltd. and boasts comparable safety properties as pure silicone so it’s for sure body safe… I was worried about this new material at first since I’ve experienced major sensitivities to anything other than glass and silicone but I had no issues with it at all! Also the bullet and its sleeve are BOTH water proof!

I loved the size of the bullet on its own for external AND internal stimulation as well as the size and shape of the sleeve for internal stimulation. However the long bunny ears didn’t quite work with my anatomy but I’ve yet to find ANY perfect rabbit style toy as of yet! I tried maneuvering the bunny ears to work for me but there wasn’t really enough vibration in the “ears” for them to stimulate much down there anyhow… The sleeve however carried the bullet’s vibrations fairly well (although slightly diminished) and I liked the gentle pull of the sleeves material as well. This of course means that you’ll probably need to use a water based lube for comfort though since there is a bit of drag to the “Intramed” material but personally I LOVE that! The bullet on its own has a smooth texture as I mentioned before and can be used without lube for the most part an still be VERY enjoyable. Plus, sex toys made of hard plastic are easier to clean and are usually non-porous so that they won’t cause problems for sensitive vaginas like mine!

Check out my video review of the Bullet Bunny and learn how it works and see it for yourselves! ;)

Versatility like that is great for my girls that also use sex toys for work because with this product you receive an external bullet vibe that’s the size of small vibrator that’s large enough to insert just as your basic hard plastic vibrator or you can use the bullet with the sleeve for a thicker insertable toy with ultra cute bunny ears!!! That’s 3 toys in one! Also I have heard from other cam girls and solo porn models that they want toys that aren’t going to make them sore because they are too large to use several times in one day and since the Bullet Bunny (with its sleeve attached) only has a medium sized 5” long shaft with a smaller diameter of 1 ¼ this toy might be a good choice for you home girls!

The Bullet Bunny comes in clear packaging that’s cute but not really functional for storage since every time I tried to put it back in its box the bullet’s button got pressed and this turned on the sex toy within its own packaging. Oh yeah! Did I mention that the 2 AAA batteries that are required for the Bullet Bunny are included!? You just remove a small piece of plastic from the battery compartment to get them to activate once you get it home.

All in all the Bullet Bunny is a versatile body safe toy that you can enjoy again and again in many different ways and you can even recycle the Bullet Bunny when that time comes as well! I give the Bullet Bunny a 2 out of 5 (the bullet inside the sleeve) because of the reduced vibrations through the sleeve and due to the bunny ears totally not being functional for me or carrying the vibrations of the bullet very well. I give the bullet on its own a 3 out of 5 because it’s the most powerful bullet I’ve ever encountered and because of its size it’s usable on its own as a small vibrating dildo or a pretty powerful external vibrator!

Check out the super cute and non-intimidating Bullet Bunny at Eden Fantasys today!