Monday, November 17, 2008

Are you stalking me?

  • 12:52 I couldn't sleep so i am up and going to try to get a few things done this morning... including finishing my hair extensions! #
  • 15:33 I don't have enough hair for my weave! I'll have to buy more later when I go out to get the cats and dog their food! #
  • 22:11 My grandmother just duped me into spending $100 I don't fucking have. #
  • 01:03 @meowmistidawn Hey you got one! I guess I added you in my email a long time ago. Cool. #
  • 01:07 I really need to work on my website and get other promo shit done but damnit I am sleepy and my weave kicks hard ass. You're jealous bitch! #
  • 04:06 My neighbor is having a party down stairs. What is there possibly to party about on a Monday? #