Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:20 I want to have a funeral for my old apartment. Will you come to it? #
  • 03:38 @mr_mikey Anything you want I guess. #
  • 04:06 I made a short "fake" solo porn for this movie... It's gonna be flipping great! #
  • 04:35 Please don't fucking instant message me unless you know me or have something valueable to say. #
  • 06:03 I am trying I really am but I am about to flip the hell out and just lay in the middle of the highway. #
  • 09:38 Why didn't someone mention that Sylvia Plath's son hung and killed himself 9 days ago? #
  • 10:00 sic vita est (thus is life)? #
  • 21:37 Damnit I couldn;t sleep last night without my meds and fucking slept late and thus wasn't able to pick up my equipment:( #
  • 21:41 I have a members show in an hour and twenty minutes and damnit I am tired... Amoung other things, #
  • 22:08 I meant it's in two hours. This further shows how confused I am when I just wake up:( #
  • 22:32 What is your opinion on this? #
  • 22:51 @HeavyB Eh... I'm desperate for a ride though and not exactly the richest on the block. I better just not drive drunk in that thing. #
  • 01:17 Doing private shows... here! #
  • 02:09 Man. Why am I not getting effing privates shows? #
  • 02:33 I flipping hate when blogs on social networking sites don't allow html in the entry. #