Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Are you stalking me?

  • 04:03 I made it through the DVD for the first time but not without pulling a muscle in the back of my right arm :( #
  • 04:06 It's been two hours since I got out of the bathtub and my hair still isn't dry even at ear length. That's some fucking thick ass hair. #
  • 04:44 Anyone want to grab a beer with me? I need something to knock these celexa withdrawals! #
  • 18:01 I pulled an emotional muscle at the bar last night... This leaves me hungry and horny today. Boooo! #
  • 19:33 It really sucks I dont have paypal cause I would go nuts buying shit on Etsy! #
  • 19:37 Hot! I am like so into finding belly dance gear right now but really I need to get off my ass and make my own stuff! #
  • 22:03 I found another 4 leaf clover and now it's time to go get some groceries! (Also a quick stop at Wendy's!) #
  • 22:06 There are two icons of me that you can use for forums or livejournal and the like located here: My buddy made them! #
  • 01:05 My internet is being weird but I am live in tonight's Truth or Dare Trivia Show on ! I have my real hair too! #
  • 02:47 Sorry about the weird tech difficulties tonight in chat guys! I called and have someone going to come out and check my i-net on Sat! #
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