Monday, August 24, 2009

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:05 This stupid dry lung cough thing is really driving me up the wall. Oh well... What can I do? #
  • 03:32 I'm in the mood to watch Chicago yet AGAIN! Dude this musical fucking rules especially with Queen Latifa! #
  • 04:07 Um did someone move in upstairs already or is the landlord upstairs working on cleaning the damn place still at 11pm on a Sunday? #
  • 04:33 I'm looking for a flapper outfit to wear to the burlesque show next month... Nothing too costume like, how do you feel about this? http ... #
  • 05:18 Wanna see what I got for my flapper outfit? Shoes: Dress: HAT! #
  • 08:28 OMG! I forgot how awesome the episode was of Ricki dancing with Delia at the school dance! What an awesome dancer Ricki was! #
  • 08:37 confession: I have never washed my own dishes and I almost always eat everything with chopsticks. #
  • 09:39 I'm seriously considering going back to beauty school like maybe next month. What do you think? #
  • 09:47 Just took my 44th mugshot! #
  • 11:26 I have decided that I am not going to go to sleep "tonight" but instead I am just going to try to stay up all day and correct my schedule. #
  • 12:19 Is it weird that whenever my stomach hurts eating a fried egg settles it? Cause it's my little wicca magic spell that I like to use. #
  • 13:15 I really really really wish I could roller skate so I could try to join the derby however I am too old to try to learn a new physical skill. #
  • 13:18 What should I be for halloween this year? It's not cool to dress like a skank anymore so I better think "covered". #
  • 15:05 HOT! And I will glady agree! :) #
  • 15:16 I'm awake and all but I am not getting anything done really for the fact that I feel like vomiting. More My So-Called Life? Um yes. #
  • 16:19 I can't flipping wait to get Grey Gardens in the mail so I can make my grandma watch it! We are the poor version ourselves:) #
  • 17:36 God damn it. Of course I would get sleepy at noon. OF COURSE! I should have known I wouldn't have made it through the day. #
  • 21:44 I'm back up and considering ordering a pizza. I is hungry! #
  • 21:56 Yay! I ordered pizza now who wants to come over and help me eat it and watch another episode of My So-Called Life? #
  • 22:16 Fuck! I'm out of bottled water and I fucking forgot to order something to drink with my pizza! Lame. #
  • 22:20 Hahaha! I totally made the pizza guy studder! That's always a nice feeling, to know I still got it! :) #
  • 23:30 Um! I'm obsessed with flappers. It comes and goes, of course. WANT! WHY? #
  • 00:17 I only have two more episodes of My So-Called Life to obsess over... Then I can you know do what the hell I am supposed to be doing. #
  • 00:53 It smells like something is on fire and if my new neighbors caught my house on fire I am going to kill them. #
  • 01:34 I went down to the mother fucking coke machine to get some water because I am dying of thirst and they only had fucking pop. #
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