Sunday, August 30, 2009

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:42 Hahaha! It's the WTF blanket! #
  • 04:41 I just realized that Lara Flynn Boyle has freckles. I noticed while watching Twin Peaks on HDTV. The last time I watched this was on a l ... #
  • 06:48 I just updated my page with an awesome vid of me shaking my pudding to some old school Notorious BIG... #
  • 07:07 I just got the most brilliant idea EVER! I could be a prostitute from One Eyed Jacks off of Twin Peaks for Halloween! #
  • 07:32 I just added my newest shaki nit vid to my clips4sale store for those that like to pick and choose your j.o. material:) #
  • 10:35 I just came up with a great (but heavy) diet and exercise program to follow for at least the next month starting Mon! I'll blog it tomorrow! #
  • 10:44 The Undress Jess word of the day is "infiltrate"! Use it in a sentence please! Go! #
  • 10:44 After I drink the rest of this Theraflu I am gonna crawl into bed. I really hope that Mickey Rourke doesn't INFILTRATE my dreams again! #
  • 23:57 I just woke up and I only have an hour before my members show at to eat and get ready! Ack! #
  • 00:22 Is anyone going to order stuf from Urban Outfitters today? Cause I have a code for free shipping: Enter FREESTYLE at checkout! Good unti ... #
  • 01:04 I am live in my members chat on now! I can't believe I somehow got totally ready within an hour... Cum congratulate me! #
  • 02:09 I'm chatting on cam trying to decide if I want to go out tonight for a drink or not. Come tell me what you think! #
  • 02:20 Just took my 46th mugshot! #
  • 02:26 You have maybe a half hour longer to chill with me and possibly see me nude on cam! (For cheap! It's happy hour!) #
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