Thursday, August 20, 2009

email will be the death of "UndressJess"

I can't sleep for the life of me. How is that some people are so damn good with their time and always seem to get everything done? It's like I might get one important task done a day but I am pretty sure that in all reality there is enough time to probably knock out my whole to do list in less than 2 or 3 days. Of course there has honestly been some tasks on my list that have needed to be done for more than a year. NO JOKE.

Things are always just sneaking up on me. Emails especially. There are are so many I get a day. Some are total bullshit like, “Bb u r hawt”. I appreciate the compliments home slices but just FYI if you send me that type of message and you know you do, I will not respond. Then within the mix of these useless emails there are actual important ones that need urgent attention from me to run my business in a smooth fashion. It's sometimes hard to decode the email inbox. I's go as far as to say it's impossible, so I actually have to go through each email individually to make the call of whether it's worth my time or not.

I'm positive that expressing this to you guys makes me sound like an unappreciative stuck up bitch to some extent because I should thank my lucky stars that people are actually interested enough in me to write me, comment my status updates, comment my pics, promote my website, join my website, jack off to me, pay me to be hot and basically give a shit about what I have to say. All that is very flattering and all but it's still hard to get the REAL WORK done like making videos, taking pictures, sending out promo content, update my site(s), make blog posts, edit pictures and videos, promote myself and my work and then while I'm at it I might as well forget about say... painting, learning a new skill, creating any type of art that is totally unrelated to my work and thus is fulfilling on an entirely different level.

Again I am tooting my own horn here but I am way to fucking creative for my own good. I wish I thought less in “ideas” and more in “production”. But I guess one needs the other to do anything in this world, right? I have an idea book that I am constantly writing down my new thoughts for awesome projects I would love to do but my brain is so scattered and busy that I'm lucky to complete the process of maybe one of these hundreds of ideas/projects a YEAR. Yeah a year. I don't know how to organize myself/my thoughts in a more concise manner to be able to get things done because no matter what awesome thing I WANT to do there always seems to be thousands of things I NEED to do. This even applies to more mundane tasks such as cleaning my house. I don't think I have EVER had a completely kept home.

Even now what I am doing by preparing this blog to keep you all updated on my life by purging my personal issues for all the world to read... is actually important. It might not be if say I worked at the local doctors office and maybe checked my email no more than twice a week but the fact is I work with the public and NEED the public to continue to be successful. So writing, something I love dearly even becomes a daunting task on the massive to do list. Why? Because I need you to continue to be interested in me and I have to give you meat to feed on to garner that curiosity of yours.

Maybe I am just full of shit though... I mean I am trying to ween myself off of some serious psychiatric drugs right now so maybe it's just the withdrawals talking. Either way I need to be off of here so I can answer emails and not get anything worth a damn actually done, EVER AGAIN.



Lowrize said...

All I can say is GTD. Getting Things Done by David Allen. You'll be getting everything done and it's easy.

UndressJess said...

Is that a book? Cause you realize I have no time to read right? Haha! No really is it?

Anonymous said...

if the space you inhabit is clean it will be easier to concentrate. trust.

Anonymous said...

if the space you inhabit is clean it will be easier to concentrate. trust.

UndressJess said...

My place really isn't all that horribly messy compared to some of the places I have lived. But it does need some attention fo sho!