Sunday, September 20, 2009

Are you stalking me?

  • 06:01 I wish I could leave and get a drink but I can't leave Jeb again since he tore shit up last night while I was gone. Bring me some alcohol? #
  • 08:59 I had a drink and I hate most men. They are just so fucking TRASHY. I want something good and new! #
  • 23:14 OMG! THEY ARE BACK! Monchhichi for life! #
  • 23:50 My myspace IM has STILL NEVER loaded in the new digsby release, has anyone's myspace IM actually loaded in digsby yet? #
  • 00:45 I wish make-up companies had affiliate programs where I could do reviews of their products or how-tos and sell them to my blog vie wers. #
  • 00:52 Right now my hair looks exactly like my best friends hair looked while we were in kindergarden! I wish I hadn't been so mean to her. #
  • 00:57 So is anyone up for some Truth or Dare Trivia? Damnit! I keep forgetting to buy black lights! (I'm such a consumer.) #
  • 02:04 I'm doing shows now! Come and get one or just hang out and chat with me! #
  • 02:36 Wow I just did like a half an hour privates show. My privates are tired! :) #< /li>
  • 02:55 It's like I have the energy to clean my house but then I have to do a members show and after that I have no energy to. This cycle must end. #
  • 02:57 Just took my 50th mugshot! #
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