Monday, September 14, 2009

WTF Kanye?

I don't even like country music but that little girl was so proud of herself for winning and who the fuck are you to take that from her? Next time Kanye get out your fancy ass cell phone/laptop and blog about your fucking opinions instead of fucking up a little girl's shining moment. It's like you pissed in Cinderella's glass slippers and shat in her pumpkin carriage. UNCOUTH MY GOOD MAN! News

Kanye should be banished from all award programs from here on out, or at least grounded from them for the rest of the year...

My two cents!


Anonymous said...

i agree BLACKLIST him from the awards shows.. damn Beyonce WON a bet awards naacp awards and like 80 others.. this was this WHITE girls first mtv vma