Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:41 You seem to have a graceful balance today between your drive t... More for Aquarius bit.ly/4xqv1p #
  • 14:58 I love that people are pissed that I haven't updated my site for a week cause I am in the hospital recovering from a fucking stroke. Cool. #
  • 15:36 Why am I awake this early? Oh yeah, cause I was hoping to go home now :( Stupid hospital! #
  • 17:03 Haha, I just asked the doctor if I could still smoke weed. He said yes. :) #
  • 19:27 Others may see you as larger than life today as the Moon joins... More for Aquarius bit.ly/4xqv1p #
  • 21:36 I'm home! How exciting is that? Now I just have to figure out my life again:( #
  • 22:44 I think I am going to color my hair blonge now, for fun I guess. Might as well primp since I can't um READ. #
  • 22:46 ...This will probably take two days to get it as blonde as I want it. Wish me luck! #
  • 22:50 I want to have a red-ish blonde hair color. I have to remove my current hair color though first, and that is a total bitch. #
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Anonymous said...

Having a father who suffered a serious stroke and seeing your attitude as it being nothing more than a money-making sympathy exercise I sincerely hope you have another and that the next one is fatal. You have NO idea about how stroke can affect families.

UndressJess said...
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UndressJess said...

Thank you Trixie! I have been wanting to write you an email to let you know how I appreciate letting everyone know what happened to me before I could get to the computer (and actually work it). Your article was amazing. i can't read anything that long now because I get very frustrated trying to be able to read for that long but my friend Leslie read it to me. It was great! Thank you so much for calling me and checking out the situation in the first place! How did you find the number any how? I wondered that!

Toni said...

Screw You Anonymous!

Maybe due to her being younger and a slight different type of stroke has something to do with it.

IF you have been reading her tweets when it started you could've seen that something was wrong.

We ALL saw it.

Maybe she is trying to keep a positive attitude because she is YOUNG and would like to have her whole life a head of her...what a concept!

soda said...

Pretty sure what he's referring to is how you posted a "chip in" for your stroke immediately as seeming to want to "cash in" on such a serious incident. He's not questioning that the event actually happened. He just sees that action as you finding the stroke to be "potentially profitable".

Toni said...

That is messed up.

It is called being uninsured and medical bills.

With our crappy medical system in the US, it is no wonder that she is asking for help.

UndressJess said...

Soda actually someone else (actually many people) suggested that I start some type of fund for different people to help me while I am down and out and also trying to pay for a million medical pills.

Do you realize how much money I have last in the last week and a half? Over 2000 dollars. I haven't be able to market myself, update my site due to not reading very easily, not doing shows, losing members because of me not updating or doing my daily members shows and more.

Then add to the equation that I have a million medical bills now. So when bills increase and earning wane things go to hell. I wish this never had happened.

I am not trying to pull a prank on people for asking for donations to help me out with this shit I am just trying to do the best I can to stay ahead. Honestly asking for donations is fucking EMBARRASSING! I won't ask for help if I didn't NEED it.

Anonymous said...

I really wish you guys would give her a break. This couldn't have happened to a nicer person. Hospital bills are VERY significant. A stroke is a serious matter no matter how much it affects someone.

Why do you people feel the need to bash a girl when she is down? She at least had the heart to jump on a web cam while she was still in intensive care to say hi to her fans/followers. That is more than anyone could ask for in that situation. Like Trixie said, all of you judging her should stop and judge yourself first. And keep your comments to yourself. All your doing is causing needless stress to someone who is obviously recovering from a serious medical condition.


darkraven hyacinthe said...

i know you dont actually know my i follow you on twitter under the name wonderingsub and ive actually seen your shows on one of your many cam sites that i am a member of (i dont know if we can say the name or not) i just wanted you to know that if you need anything i am extending my hand as a friend and helper i want to help you in any way i can if i could update your site for you i would or whatever you asked me to do. im not trying to be weird or anything like that although i probably sound really weird right now just randomly posting this lol i just want to help someone i am a fan of and i just want to offer friendship. i will always be avialable if you need me.

danceteacher said...

Wow,my mother had two strokes last year and she never lost her sense of humor. her entire left side was paralyzed and she had trouble speaking and reading. I believe since Jess had astroke she knows quite well what it does to families. I saw her twice at the hospital and she is staying positive but she is also very worried about having another stroke, paying her bills,etc. How dare you wish her death---you are a disgusting,evil spirit.

UndressJess said...

Thank you darkfever, I will leyt you know if there is anything I think that you can do but most of it really has to be done buy me.

Barb you are the coolest:)

soda said...

Yo, I wasn't attacking you, I was merely translating what the guy said because you seemed to misinterpret it as him accusing you actually didn't have a stroke.
No need to jump on the defense.

UndressJess said...

Soda the ass whole did accuse me of using a stroke as a marketing ploy, which would mean it was fake.

Violet Sin said...

Anonymous & soda, I'm fucking shocked at your attitude. She's self-employed. There are no sick days. No workman's comp. There is just her. And, LOTS of us were asking for ways we could help out, because we knew what the extra bills and loss of income could do. So, instead of putting up a way for people to help out financially, what should she have done? Would you feel better about her if she'd had her utilities turned off? Lost her apartment and had to move in with family? Trust me, she's not making money off having a damn stroke. She's trying to cover her significant losses. And anonymous, since you know how strokes affect families, you should be helping out instead of attacking her.

Anonymous said...

the original anonymous should probably take a look at his/her additude and perhaps that might explain why exactly bad shit happens to you. give out what you want in return moron.
also, to jess im very sorry for your situation and i hope that you recover not so much quickly as completely. but i hope that you also see this as an opportunity to maybe plan for the future better. you didn't die for a reason!

Anonymous said...

I like trying to figure out what goes on in people's heads. My guess is that the original mean poster felt sad when he saw the difference between how messed up his dad is by his stroke and how fast Jess is recovering from hers.

Then he got angry. I can say from personal experience that if you get angry it tends to set you free from anxiety and fear, so it's a kind of refuge from those feelings for some people.

Then came the mean post to follow up on the anger.

I am amazed myself at how fast she's recovering. Like a lot of people said, it's probably because her stroke came when she's YOUNG.

I'm glad you're recovering quickly, Jess.

UndressJess said...

Thank you nightman1! The therapist that worked with me today said that I should only need his help twice a week for only a month or maybe two! I hope that works out so I get get back to normal:)

Trixie Fontaine said...

What nightman says is probably very true, though 1) there are a lot of older people who have mild strokes and/or recover quickly, too, or have different functions differently impaired, and 2) I think there's another variable motivating Anonymous' fucked-up comments: resentment and hatred of women, especially sex workers. He doesn't perceive what Jess does as work and thinks she just has money handed to her on a silver platter just for being cute.

It would be nice if people would recognize that even if she DID have money just handed to her on a silver platter, that's not a bad thing or something that makes her deserving of a stoning. People give because they want to, and they do in fact get something in return (a concept that eludes anonymous and a lot of the general public when it comes to camgirls, webwhores, strippers, etc.).

I also think it's hysterically funny in a very dark way that you can SEE how much she has/hasn't been given in the chipin -- it's not a whole lot of money, so the jealousy is really unwarranted.