Thursday, October 29, 2009

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:19 I always wanted a bean back chair! But where would I even but it? #
  • 05:13 I removed the red color and now my hair looks crazy, orange and uneven. I'll apply the new dark honey blond dye tomorrow after my hair drys! #
  • 05:15 I meant "dries"! Sorry homies:) #
  • 05:37 Damn! I forgot I have 2 appointments tomorrow at 2pm... Blood test and speech therapy. I think I have to go ahead and color my hair tonight! #
  • 06:03 More ass headed-ness on my blog! Check out "soda's" comment... #
  • 08:11 I'm coloring my hair as we speak! I'll have some yummy golden Mariah Carey looking hair in 30 minutes! #
  • 08:46 Um, my hair doesn't seem like it's processing like AR ALL. I think I fucked something up:( #
  • 09:03 Ok I put some heat on it and the color came out splendidly! Now I can rinse, watch the rest of this Rosanne episode, and go to sleep! #
  • 09:03 I'll put the weave in tomorrow after all of my appointments!!! How exciting... I'll post a pic once I am all done. #
  • 15:01 You might feel as if you are being put in an awkward position,... More for Aquarius #
  • 23:09 I just got home for going to my appointments and errands. I need a damned nap! The therapist said that I should be good in about 2 months! #
  • 23:16 Just took my 55th mugshot! #
  • 23:42 Oh here I am. I'm back and feeling from that stroke I had:( The good news is that I am getting better... #
  • 00:12 Are the Jonas Brothers like the modern day Leif Garrett? Who wants to place bets on them becoming alcoholics/drug addicts!? #
  • 02:59 I have to sew the clips on my new weave hair tonight. I wanted to make them into "clip ins" because I want to keep it for awhile! #
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