Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:42 I am busy converting a video file so I can edit it into something amazing for my shakinit page while sitting here in pain! #
  • 03:58 Guess what I got off of my of my wishlist today? I got a 750 piece glow star kit for my bedroom ceiling! #
  • 05:47 I can't figure out how to use Sony Vegas at ALL. Maybe I am just out of it from taking a lortab for my pains. (Prescribed, NOT illegal!) #
  • 06:29 I forgot to tell you guys I got my HDMI cable from my wishlist! I will tell you guys if I notice a difference in quality! #
  • 07:29 This is the longest period of time I have ever been single... I don't even know how to meet a nyone new in this town besides going to bars. #
  • 08:00 I just popped a melatonin. I hope it knocks me out soon cause I hate feeling like a lonely creep that is craving massive amounts of alcohol. #
  • 12:05 Your dreams can lead you and your friends into the future, so ... More for Aquarius twittascope.com/twittascope/?sign=11 #
  • 19:15 I've had a massive headache again for 3 days just like I did before I had my stroke. I am very concerned that I am about to have another... #
  • 19:50 Does anyone know of a website that describes how to make these? ping.fm/upLAO #
  • 20:06 How much is that whole NetFlix thing? I want to join it! (Maybe I should just get my ass to the library instead for free?) #
  • 20:51 I left the doctor a message about the headaches to see if there is anything he suggests. I feel like I am getting a little confused:( #
  • 21:11 I called the doctor. He wants me to come in to see him tonight! This means I will probably not be able to do my member's show again today:( #
  • 21:12 I'm sorry kids but not dying of having a 2nd stroke is more important than getting naked and diddling my vah-jinga! #
  • 22:27 Your dreams can lead you and your friends into the future, so ... More for Aquarius twittascope.com/twittascope/?sign=11 #
  • 23:01 Time to wake up! It's almost doctor time! #
  • 23:20 Remember home slices, Christmas is coming and I love gifts! Especially sexy ones I can use in my work! ping.fm/ouidf #
  • 01:30 Just got back from the doctor and all he did was order me to do another cat scan that I cannot afford... Help? ping.fm/CDRMy #
  • 01:47 If you are watching me on my spy cams and wondering what I am doing, I am removing my clip in hair extensions so i can color my roots! #
  • 02:16 Yep there is no way I am going to GET this program Sony Vegas. I can't even figure out how to fit the video larger on the time line... #
  • 02:21 Ok, I'm an idiot... I figured out how to zoom in, but now how to I get my project preview window back? #
  • 02:49 I'm coloring my black roots! (That's why there is a grocery sack tied onto my head, if you were wondering...) #
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