Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:19 Time to put up some glow stars (and planets)! Are you ready for old school celestial goodness? I AM!!!1! #
  • 03:51 This "Teen Moms" show is totally sad and terrifying. I'll say it again, I'M SOP GLAD I DON'T HAVE KIDS! Maybe when I am 30-40yrs old... #
  • 04:49 My doctor cleared me to take Effexor again but I am really scared to take ANY meds ever again! This is horrible... #
  • 04:55 He has also put me on Lamictal for my bipolar disorder. I have never had that before... I really do hope it helps me though I'M NUTS. #
  • 05:15 I want a new bra that will make my tits look so huge that they might grow m inds of their own and take over the world. Suggestions on type? #
  • 06:46 Time to have a nice relaxing walk around the block with Jeb... Right after I finish putting up these damned glow stars! It's taking forever! #
  • 07:26 My doctors nurse is so hot. I bet she knows I think she hot too cause my heart beat increases around her & she DOES have to take my pulse! #
  • 07:48 Tonight felt really weird in my house... I think I need to start drinking more like I used to. Sober = Boring. #
  • 08:05 I am going to bed early tonight. Maybe I will actually fall asleep tonight when I lay down instead of tossing and turning for hours... #
  • 08:15 I took some melatonin and I am eating some dried bananas. How can I sweeten my morning smoothie without using sugar? #
  • 08:29 I has more glow stars coming from my wishlist! And a black light on it's way as well! You guys rule! :) #
  • 08:32 I am writing my new years resolutions this week, I will most likely post them on zeeeee blog after Christmas! #
  • 08:39 Melatonin kicking in... Machine shutting down... Goodnight my little beebops! #
  • 11:45 You might experience a bit of a glitch when it comes to money ... More for Aquarius #
  • 22:30 I just got home from today's blood test. It's back to normal! Yay for fish oil! (I swear this is what probably saved my blood!) #
  • 22:33 I got so many wishlist gifts in the mail today! I got 2 books, pubic hair color and 2 Wii controllers w/ added Wii MotionPlus! Thanks guys! #
  • 22:44 Is UPS gonna run on Friday? Please let the answer be "YES"! #
  • 23:42 I'm making tacos for dinner! Want some? Come on over! #
  • 00:40 I have a Christmas themed members show in an hour and 2 0 mins! I am slowly getting ready and looking for something Christmas like to wear! #
  • 02:04 I'm in chat and ready to be your little xxx-mas elf in my members chat on! :) #
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