Thursday, December 24, 2009

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:07 I am doing some half priced cam shows for the holidays! But only for the next hour! Come get some! #
  • 04:37 I just totally noticed in my mail box there was "Hair Force" growth vitamins from my wishlist! Thanks so much! Hurry the fuck up hair! :) #
  • 04:53 God damnit! There are only 20 fucking days worth of "servings" of these hair vitamins in this effing package. They won't even last a month! #
  • 05:11 Leslie is playing guitar on! Go look and tell her "UndressJess" sent ya! ;) #
  • 11:22 You might avoid making promises about your schedule because yo... More for Aquarius #
  • 18:51 I LITERALLY just got home from the bar. I am still totally drunk. Happy holidays kids! #
  • 18:55 I also totally missed getting that fucking UPS package again! #
  • 19:32 I'm going back to sleep. I hate myself. Not really but a little bit. #
  • 19:36 I updated my youtube account with a new video blog! Enjoy! #
  • 22:33 Ok I am fina lly awake again. What the fuck was I drinking last night that fucked me up so bad? #
  • 22:38 I got 2 gifts in the mail today even though I missed the UPS guy so maybe they came from FedEx? A salt lamp and some make-up stuff! Yay! #
  • 23:11 I love it when everyone is in town for the Holidays and you get to see lots of people you haven't seen in forever! It's the best! #
  • 23:12 I'm making cheesy rice & broccoli with extra cheese & I am going to eat it in front of the TV watching awesome (and cheesy) X-Mas programs! #
  • 23:46 My vagina just got wet talking on the phone with Leslie. I am gonna wiggle her butt and touch her boobs while she's in tow n! #
  • 00:14 Hahahahaha! I forgot about Veggie Tales. #
  • 00:18 Ahhhh! I ate too much cheese rice and it hurt my belly:( #
  • 01:07 Leslie is coming! She's find of like Santa but in the shape of an emo child instead of an over weight bearded man.. and she touches my butt. #
  • 01:27 I am trying to convince Misti to bring me a piece of that awesome Tofurky that she made for Christmas! ...And maybe a crescent roll! #
  • 01:47 I just got a message on AIM from "doll parts 113" and it said: "how many diseases do you have". I replied, "at least 50". Bwah ahahaha! #
  • 01:55 I just ate one of those! Yum! #
  • 01:59 Merry Festivus! (For the rest of us!) #
  • 02:16 I need a bulb for my salt lamp but there was no papers on what type to buy? Does anyone have one and know what kind to get? #
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