Friday, July 9, 2010

Are you stalking me?

  • 03:34 I couldn't help myself! I eated it already and it was delicious! #
  • 03:49 do you have a pair of pointe shoes? if so, what kind? — I have one pair of good ones and bunches of old worn out o… #
  • 03:50 Not a question.. Statement. I love my Jess!!! Xoxoxo. Just wanna let ya know. In case I haven't sa… — Thank you! :) #
  • 03:50 Wow. I only read what seems to be "a few" of that fsea… — I haven't yet! There are still a bunch in my inbox fr… #
  • 03:52 I'm about to go pee. Wish me luck. #
  • 04:10 Would you like to travel to the Netherlands? If you do… — I wouldn't mind checking out the Netherlands and I cer… #
  • 06:49 Boooo! No snuggles tonight due to my illness. I have to stay home and heal (and squeal.) #
  • 06:51 One more serving of apple cider vinegar, cystex, colloidal silver, water and a cranberry extract pill and then rest. #
  • 07:23 You are driven to be your wonderful quirky self now while simu... More for Aquarius #
  • 07:53 Get me this awesome knife with the brass knuckle grip! I need it for um... "Protection"! ;) #
  • 15:49 I just downloaded the discographies for Can, Bat For Lashes, Mr. Bungle and The Horrors all over night while I slumbered! Whoot for Vuze! #
  • 16:17 I guess we're not doing the Power Puff Girls number in the upcoming burlesque show. I'm kind of bummed... My fault though. #
  • 16:59 Sometimes facebook freezes and crashes my browser and makes me really angry! Grrrr! #
  • 17:23 I just ordered some delivery sushi from that Zuki place. Their sushi tastes like schnuck's shit, but at least they deliver... HINT. HINT. #
  • 18:54 Rapists should be castrated. #
  • 19:07 Shut up kitties! I'm sick as fuck! Stop needing me right now! #
  • 21:59 If you call me and I don't answer the phone do NOT keep calling back over and over. I will call you back when I fucking can. #
  • 02:58 OMG I WANT TO DRINK!!!! But that is such a horrible fucking idea right now. #
  • 03:00 I'm also horny as fuck but that's also a super shitty idea. GOD FUCKING DAMN IT! #
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