Sunday, May 8, 2011

I am the Phoenix!

Oh hai! It's me posing as Jean Grey (as Phoenix). I am totally getting into her story like whoa. I honestly never knew much about Marvel comics and I am usually more about DC. But yeah I set out to find a red haired comic book character that I could play for Free Comic Book Day and found Jean Grey's story. She has the ability to rise from death by rebuilding herself from pure energy... (Hello, um I almost died from a stroke a year and a half ago and had a complete recovery!)

Also I am intrigued by her tenancy to be overwhelmed by her own god-like powers and she can't control her selfish urges to try to take over the world. That's so me. I'm good inside with a tendency to fuck shit up just because I can and I happen to be good at it.

I'm gonna wear this costume in my photo shoot next weekend since I can't really post these photos in my member's area due to them being with mostly children who's parents are most likely the crazed fans that want their kids to also become nerdy as hell and grow up like them. I can't blame them. If I were a parent I'd do it too! So yeah I'll post some of these images on my social networking profiles and on my public/free blogs and get you some sexy one sans the children for the porno site.

Oh and I personally ordered a red and gold dark phoenix costume as well and it's on it's way though it probably won't be here in time for my shoot considering it's coming from China... Go figure! :(

Tell me what you think! Also if you have ANY custom orders for my photo shoot next week or suggestions for website picture sets get at me asap! :)