Sunday, May 8, 2011

Redoing My Schedule... A Video Blog!

Here I am bitching about the flipping IRS catching me not doing that I'm supposed to do as far as back taxes are concerned.

Also I have a plan to stop doing member shows on the weekends so I can get my content made and posted on a more regular basis instead of being bogged down with the constant stress of camming. I don't even know how I got so consumed with that this year anyhow... Well I do know but that's a whole other video blog entry entirely!

But yeah this is just a rant about how busy I have been and how I hope to change that but planning out my week better and getting things done on a schedule I set for myself so my scatterbrained self stops being so flaky and not giving my %100 to ALL of the projects (professional or otherwise) that I happen to be involved in.

Stay on my ass to give you an update of how this all worked out next week! ;)