Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"Why I'm NOT a (TCG) Cam Girl!!!"... A Vlog Series!


AmbientMagic said...

I would just like to say how awesome it is that you have made this video. I am a cam girl just starting out. I am making decent money "working harder" as you say and i kept thinking there was a smarter way to do it. Thank you and do you have any links or advice on learning how to make your own website and run it? (email is [email protected])

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog series, couldn't agree with you more. I wish more girls who are interested in online adult modeling would invest more time into developing webmaster skills so they can be independent from unsympathetic webmasters. Creating a website is just more economical in the long run. I can think of one girl who I love that has to hustle all the time on came, where she if she had a website she might not have to cam as much. In the end, it works out best for the models and their customer base and creates a healthier atmosphere for everyone. I hope to see movement of more girls working independently, but there are so few resources to help those in this specific situation.

AmbientMagic said...

Well i took the initiative last night and used the power of the internet to start teaching myself html. I got as far as the basics

Anonymous said...

Video #2 comments - 8-12 hours a day on cam is crazy! Where do you get this figure? lol. I know a few girls who work long shifts but none that do it daily. I am always multi tasking while on cam with twitter and such. Not while actually in a private show but in between. I used to have a tv in my office too lol. It is rare I get to do much while camming though because I am usually super busy with private shows. Many of the girls I know who cam run their own websites. I have run into a bunch of "asshole web pimps" as you put it but there are some good ones out there. If you're on a cam site where you have to be naked for free just to get viewers, leave that site. It's a shitty most likely illegal concept. I agree with u about not giving nudity away for free. All of the cam sites (not just web pimps) also own the content u post (teaser pics, etc). I do agree that girls should work smart instead of work hard. I do not agree though with lumping so many diverse groups of women together into one title. ;)

(aka "UndressJess") said...

This is a comment to Reyna who I asked to share her thoughts here about my post.

I want to start off by replying to your first set of comments for the first video. I don't see it here but I have it in my email inbox so I'll just quote the stuff I'm replying to and then I'll do the same thing with your comments on the second video:

"I have been camming and had my website for 8 years now. I have never had to work 8-12 hours a day to make ends meet."

First, I personally don't consider you to be TCG. When I am talking about those that work long hours like that I am mainly speaking about what I have experienced by checking out the popular cam sites over the last year when I personally made the decision to cam more. I mostly studied Streammate and MFC.

I see girls on those sites for those lengths of time I mentioned and I think it's insane but I mainly saw girls camming for those lengths of time are on MFC. The girls that cam on there that much usually are the top girls who want to stay at the top. I don't think it's necessarily "wrong" because the top girls there are making hella money but I it's obviously a bad idea for girls who also want a successful member site for the reasons I mentioned in my vlogs.

To me, that is working harder not smarter. If I didn't have a site however and didn't plan on having one I could see myself doing that too on that network but then that would make me a "cam girl" on the basis of that being my main income.

"I have never had to build followers. I cam only on sites that provide great traffic flow."

That's great! I'm not personally saying that approach is bad either however on MFC to get to the top you HAVE TO cam that much to get loyal fans and in my own camming world I personally prefer return customers on cam not random people (due to a network having high traffic) because I like to know what to expect in a private show with someone.

For me a private show is very personal and new guys can either be cool or uncool and I'm pretty sure you know what I mean by that. I don't like to be directed really ever in any aspect of life esp not in my sexual life so when I get a new guy in a private show and he starts pulling that directing shit I end the show right away and will not put up with it.

I will be nice of course when it starts and say something like "just relax and you'll love what I have planned". But if they continue that makes me uncomfortable and I end the show.

(aka "UndressJess") said...

So when I cam I like to do privates with fans I already know first and then if I have a new client it's basically like an audition. That's why I like the site I'm on because I can perform for tips in the public area (without showing my vag of course just a personal thing...)and still do well with a few privtae shows with loyal customers who I've come to really enjoy camming with.

So girls don't mind camming for just anyone while the idea of that makes me feel slightly uncomfortable to do too often. I only like to take newbie privates maybe a few times each time I cam otherwise it would be overwhelming for me.

"I make way more camming than I do on my personal solo girl website."

That's cool if that's what you are comfy with. I however do not want to dance around in lingerie all the time or cum more than 3 or 4 times in a day. I prefer making a video one time and posting it on the site where it's available to members or individuals can buy it off of my clip store while I sit in my jammies editing yet another one I recorded the weekend before rather than having to get my make-up all on, my hair done and run around the house trying to find something hot to wear and (in theory) do the same thing (I would do in a video just ONE TIME) over and over in a day. To me that is working harder even if it's only 3 hours a few days a week as you said you do. If you are okay with that however, awesome. I'm just a different kind of bird I guess.

"There are many different people who have sites and cam, many different reasons why they do. I think that you assuming so many things about them such as they "don't have the brains" or that they don't know how to webmaster their own sites is harsh and unrealistic"

It was harsh to put it that way and in my conclusion vlog that I will make this week I will apologize for saying it in that manner. Haha, I've never claimed to be kind or diplomatic. However unrealistic? I'm not sure I agree with that. I have met a lot of girls who have written me over the years for advice. At first I was so flattered that they valued my opinion and I gave them all the info they needed/that I know of and not but only one of them followed my advice and many ended up getting burned. A lot of girls get into camming and web girling (having solo porn sites) who like me, enjoy attention. They want to get to the top not only for money but also because they enjoy the recognition and want "web fame".

I want and enjoy that stuff too. But I have seen girls take the easy road or do things in a wack order because they didn't take the time to think things through and jumped on the bandwagon with some "web pimp" as soon as he offered to "make her famous" in this industry. That is pretty dim witted and I doubt you can disagree with that.

(aka "UndressJess") said...

"I hire out for certain graphic work because I hate doing it."

I do too. ;)

"Also, it sounds like, from the way you talk about being a cam girl (you're a girl...on cam...several diff types of camming you ARE a cam girl), that you are uncomfortable with what you do. If you aren't happy with it anymore, or aren't ok with the stigma the public places on us, then it's time to quit."

I enjoy my work as much as one can enjoy any job. It's fun, I meet a lot of awesome people, my fans are amazing and will do anything to make me happy but it's still what it is... Work. I wish I didn't have to work and honestly I probably don't have to work even as hard as I do. I just like to be the best. If I'm going to spend any amount of time on anything I want to be the best at whatever it happens to be including web girl stuff. I take pride in my success but I also strive to make it clear to girls who aspire to reach my level in this industry (as well as the awesome guys who pay for my work) that it's not something that's easy to do nor is it fun %100 of the time.

(aka "UndressJess") said...

I do not roll out of bed looking sexy as fuck and turn on a cam to record something then have other people to upload the videos or pictures to my site without editing them to make them look super stunning while I party it up like a rock star and rake in the earnings.

I work hard to be able to play hard and it is frustrating that it's never a done deal. I never get EVERYTHING I want to get done and that is lame.

Obviously I am a "cam girl". I however do not like that term because to me it signifies the lot of lazy women who come into this industry expecting things to be just handed over to them without them having to do anything other than turn on a camera or show up at a photo shoot once a year.

I know you go on to say that that you don't agree with generalizing women into a group. I hate generalizations too but you can not deny that there are a lot of women who become cam girls/web strippers that are much like my description above. Which is why most girls only stick around 2 or 3 years tops and then move on to other projects in life.

They do not want to put in the work and if they are smart enough to have a solid plan it ends up being too much work for them and they just want things to boom from the beginning without ever reaching out to their fans, updating their sites or they get burnt out from over camming because they thought the more they cam the more well known they will become. They get pissed and quit when it doesn't work out like that.

I do not think YOU are like that. I feel like you feel insulted by this vlog series/post and although I spoke harshly in some parts of this post I don't even consider you to be the kind of "cam girl" I was separating myself from in the least.

"If you're on a cam site where you have to be naked for free just to get viewers, leave that site. It's a shitty most likely illegal concept."


"All of the cam sites (not just web pimps) also own the content u post (teaser pics, etc). I do agree that girls should work smart instead of work hard."

I realize that but you also know what I mean by webmasters that repost, reuse and down right mislead fans by using the content that is from/of a girl who has long since quit the business.

"I do not agree though with lumping so many diverse groups of women together into one title. ;)"

That's not my intention. I'm talking about the ones (which make up MOST of the web models I have met, seen and followed) that are doing it wrong and wondering why it's not working out as well as they had hoped. It is a diverse group and I love meeting women that do not make up this category but sadly they are not the majority.

Anyhow with all of this said I enjoy my job but I still do not like to be grouped into the category of "cam girls" (because not only does it sound juvenile but also the majority of women that consider themselves to be "cam girls" are not on my level when it comes to their approach. They don't want to put in the time, they just want quick money and think all you have to do for it is get naked on camera...) nor do I consider myself a TCG (as in 'like the majority') even if I do cam or live under cams as a part of my overall living.

Diana said...

Hello! I tried to post a comment but it keeps having an error. I have a few questions about being an independent cam girl. I currently work on a cam girl website and I want to go solo. Can you email me at [email protected] ?

Diana said...

Hello, this is Diana, the girl that has been emailing you and asking you questions about opening up an independent site. Sorry to bother you, but do you think I can talk to you on yahoo? My email again is [email protected] Like I said, I'm willing to pay!