Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Widdle Update! :)

So if you've been following me on twitter you know that starting this last Friday, I've been adding 200 mg of sam-e (an over the counter "natural" mood enhancer) to my 300 mg a day Wellbutrin anti-depressant routine... In a book I had read it said it would take about 2 weeks before I'd see an improvement.

I've been so incapable lately. Like I can't hardly get out of bed at all. But with all this stuff coming up I need to start concentrating on my health (again) & choreographing a routine for an upcoming burlesque performance I have.

I've got a fashion show on Oct 27th at the Bokeh Lounge & a burlesque performance later that same night at my burlesque troupes "Basement Burlesque" party. I'm also going to be performing that same routine on Nov 3rd at Lamasco's. So if you're near enough feel free to come see me model at the Bokeh on Oct 27th or perform some sassy burlesque at Lamasco's on Nov 3rd! I'll post the fliers for these events in my members area blog soon! ;)

Anyways I hope I feel better soon & if you're interested you know you can always keep up with how I'm doing on twitter. When you guys follow what's going on in real life it means SO MUCH to me! :)

I've got an apartment to clean once I finally find the will inside me & once that's accomplished everything (at least in my head?) will feel SO MUCH better!

If you guys have kids or plan on having kids don't EVER put them on ADD medication. Instead seek out professions that can help them develop the real life skills they'll need to deal with their attention problems without meds because one day someone will take their uppers away & they end up unable to take care of themselves like how I've been lately.

Trust me, it's sad & humiliating... More than you'll probably ever know. I feel like such an idiot loser lately & I known I'm not so it just makes me feel even worse! Ack!!! /:

Thank you for being my sweet homies! Y'all mean the world to me!!! :D