Sunday, March 31, 2013

Weight Loss Progress Stuff

So I guess it's time to talk about my weight loss progress. Womp, womp... About 3 weeks ago I was down to 148 from 161lbs. That was a really huge accomplishment for me! However about a week and a half ago I suddenly went from 148 up to 151. I was extremely upset because I had been working so damned hard to be down to 148 (as you've probably noticed from my facebook/twitter updates) so gaining back 3 lbs after I hadn't done anything to warrant that really sabotaged my confidence. So for about the last week and a half I've almost completely given up on my diet that had been working for me and I just checked the scale and I'm back up to 155lbs because of my stupid negative actions. :(

I am planning on starting the Candida diet/cleanse tomorrow though. This is almost how I was eating when I first started my cleanse about a month ago so it won't be the hardest thing in the world but it is super strict. On my other cleanse I could have dark chocolate & wine sometimes. I won't be able to drink any wine while I'm on the candida program or have any sweets or even fruit! I plan on doing this for at least a full month if not 2 months. I'm excited to be starting this on the 1st of April because I'll be able to measure my progress easier that way and see how long I have still to go...

The reason I want to do the candida cleanse specifically is due to the crazy sugar & alcohol cravings I had while doing the Detox 4 Women cleanse this last month. After reading some info I am convinced that I may have had a candida problem since I was a little kid. I was pumped full of antibiotics during my whole childhood to the point of them basically not really working for me today. When I get sick I'm just fucked because antibiotics don't work for me. I have to get the strongest kind my doctor can offer and then they make me so ill it makes it hardly even worth it. So yeah, I'm hoping this cleanse helps with stuff like that as well as my fatigue and depression. I've had some serious issues with fatigue this last week since I started eating sugary things again and I think it might have something to do with bringing back some of the candida that my body was trying to starve off with the Detox 4 Cleanse. All signs point to Candida. Even my adviser at thinks that I have a candida problem that might be keeping me from absorbing the vitamins I take from them.

If you're interested in learning more about this strict diet/cleanse please check this link out:

Okay I'll leave y'all with a few phone pictures I took of myself when I was at 148lbs. Now that I'm back up to 155lbs I have 15 lbs to lose before I reach 140lbs when I'll be making content again so if you want more content ASAP PLEASE help me with my goals!